AMA + Giveaway! 600 Days o EMC

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  1. Heyy so my 600th day is coming up! I know what you're thinking; oh wow an AMA how original =P It looked fun so i'm doing it too aiight pick a number, ask the wise ole sally a question, and i'll use to pick the winner who shall receive 50,000 rupees. Giveaway ends September 10th, good luck ;)
    1. Jelle68
    2. Kippy159
    4. GeneralWillikers
    7. SkeleTin007
    8. tuqueque
    9. Raaynn
    10. SealInAction
    13. Ch33zus
    14. Raging_Hedgehogs
    15. Carbonyx
    16. ___Honey_Dew___
    17. _cTJ_
    18. Sachrock
    19. AnonReturns
    20. nltimv
    21. TromboneSteve
    22. ShelLuser
    23. michael jordan Shadow_Dcord
    24. Merek_Shadower
    25. Will_McNab
    26. cam7051
    27. WolfInAction
    28. WitherDoggie
    29. DrawingJust4fun
    30. SkareCboi
    34. takenID
    37. Theomglover
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  2. Congrats on 600 days ;) and I will take the number 7 please :p And my question is this what is your favorite hobby to do besides minecraft?
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  3. Happy 600th!:D
    What's your favorite staff event?
    Number 10 please
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  4. Thoughts on global warming?
    Are you a goat?
    Favorite fruit?

    Congratz on 600 days. I'd like number 28 please.
    Thank you for the giveaway.
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  5. Thanks! ma favorite hobby would be basketball
    Thank you! I like the UHC because it's the only one that ya need a bit of skill for, but i always miss it ;/
    Thank you!
    global warming is a reel problem dood, someone needs to do something about it. also really sad that *some idiots* think it's not a thing
    Unfortunately, I am not a goat :(
    Mangos all the way =D
    thank you all for entering!
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  6. Congrats on 600 days! Number 2 please

    Favorite sport?
    Favorits sports team(s)?
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  7. Congrats! I'll take 20 please :)

    As for my question:
    Is mayonnaise an instrument?
    What is/are your most memorable moment(s) in your 600 days on EMC?
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  8. From 1-7 how much smp8 is in you? #number8
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  9. Thank you! i like basketball, fav team would be the warriors ;)
    Thanks! it's hard to choose haha, i've had a lot of fun with a lot of fun people and every moment was memorable :')
    0% D: smp4 ftw :D
    Thanks all for entering!
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  10. No 9.
    Wheres your favorite spot to be on emc?
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  11. I'll take magic 23, if ya don't mind and congratulations.
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  12. Congrats on 600 days! :D
    Favorite minecraft flower?
    I'll take 27 please.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
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  13. I will take 15 :D how did you find EMC?
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  14. Congratz on 600! Did you plan on staying on emc when you first joined?
    What was your favorite thing to build?
    What's your favorite game?
    I choose 29 plz:)
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  15. is that 600 days? wow, than you're half as long here as I am :p

    How many cookies are you able to eat when you'ave got three trees in your hair?
    btw, I thought that question once to use in an AMA where everything I could think to ask alredey was asked, but it seems people are giving quite creative answers on it, so, I'm always using it since then :)

    I wasn't first, but I'll take the first number :)
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  16. My residence, the still incomplete product of the blood sweat n tears of 600 days
    Magic 23 is given to you!
    and thank you for entering! My favorite minecraft flower is the rose bush, because i love roses irl and they look pretty cool in mc :D
    I was browsing for a good server, and i came across this tutorial kind of thing for economy servers and they had an ad for EMC at the bottom. I can't remember what the site was called :I but i joined and ended up staying for 600 days and hopefully more XD
    Thank you! I wasn't really sure if i was going to stay when i first entered the server, but after finishing the tutorial i found some nice players and i ended up playing with them for the whole day XD I also really liked the way the town and shops worked, and the community was great, so I kept coming back and now here i am
    My favorite thing to build was a fortress i made on my res wayyy back when i joined. It was fun to make because i put a lot of secret rooms and stuff and i did it with friends so that was nice :D
    My favorite game these days is Terraria, I think it's really cool how they managed to keep a loose kind of storyline type thing but at the same time you're open to do whatever you want. And of course, minecraft will always be one of my favorites if only for emc, i don't play on other servers that much anymore.
    am a young'un XD I've never tried eating cookies with three trees in my hair, but i'm pretty sure i could manage quite a few if i did. More than a few if the trees were maple.

    Thank you all for entering!
  17. just gonn kick this in the tush
  18. Congrats on 600 Day!
    What is you favorite thing to do in Minecraft and Emc?
    Edit: Number 18
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  19. Congratz man on making it to 600.
    Question uh how about what was your first build you made on your emc res?
    Number uh lets go with ol number 4 shall we
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  20. First: congrats on 600 days! To be honest I am a little surprised to learn that I seem to be a little older than you, having reached 600 myself not too long ago :)

    So... a question. I think I already know the answer to one part but: how did you discover SMP4 and what made you stay there?

    I'd like number 22 please :)
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