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  1. I'm going to blame Elfin for being plagued by palindromes yesterday.

    First I got the stressed reap thing on this thread, then I decided to finish off a Tokyo Ghoul volume and there was a short story at the end where you 'spot the palindrome!', then I went out to the local shop to get a fat bottle of Vimto and the cashiers were trying to figure out a palindrome together and asked me if I knew how to solve it, and then I was messing around with my little brother in his room and was going to tell him jokes from his joke book - I flipped to a random page and there was a joke about a palindrome in there.

    Truly horrifying. Felt like I was trapped in a David Lynch movie.
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  2. :confused:
  3. Are you still interested in moving to Germany?
  4. Not at all.

    I realised in August 2019 that I’m quite happy to stay in Liverpool and plan on getting my own flat nearer to the city at some point within the next five years. I’ve got the best birthplace and hometown I could ask for and it would be foolish to leave it.

    There’s also a bunch of stuff regarding my dad and family that’s made me want to stay here. My family believes quite strongly in the whole ‘oldest child succeeds his father’ thing in regards to being the head of the family. So for example my dad was expected to help his mum out, he helped his nan out when she was alive, he was the one who organised things for his family members, he was expected to carry on the family name while his brother was secondary. That role has fallen to me now. There’s only 3 young male [my surname]es left who can potentially continue our name, and 10 of us in total - my family is almost all gone. I think I should stay here so that when there’s more they’re all raised in a place where there family has history, where their graves have been for the past 100 years, and our name is regarded with a lot of pride across our town thanks to my granddad’s charity.

    I think a lot of my desire to move was my rejection of being English. I would go to other places in the UK and would have people ask me if I’m Irish or just outright mock my accent. English MPs, including the current Prime Minister, have insulted and mocked my city’s unique cultural identity with ethnic slurs. I hated England and thought the solution was to leave - it wasn’t. All it took was me doing what 99% of other Scousers do and consider ourselves to be our own nation within England (like Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland are) and suddenly I was a lot more comfortable with staying in the UK lol

    Plus if I ever decide to run to become an MP one day I can’t do that if I’ve ran off somewhere. Although the average age for that kind of career to start is a decade beyond my family’s average age of death lol so we’ll see
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  5. Thanks for the insightful reply!