[AMA] Ask Me Anything - 4 Years on EMC too

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Khalietal, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Good day everyone. I got convinced to start my own AMA too since I am almost part of the furniture on EMC. I am not known as much as some other players around since I tend to keep to myself bit lately I've been trying to socialise more with the rest of the EMC world.

    Like stated, ask anything and everything. ;)
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  2. Do you find suffocation fun
  3. Well, not in real life anyway. But with respiration 5 on my voter's helmet, I love to stretch my time underwater deep in the ocean. With good old empty bucket and couple ladders so I can stay hours at a time. It's cool
  4. Well, that silence is what you get for not being active with everyone like I am lol. This acts lime a bump.
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  5. Will Ocelots despawn in town with a name tag?
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  6. Any mobs with name tags shouldn't despawn. Never did for me in a while.
  7. How much is an avalancher worth? The newest version?
  8. I have seen between 60k and 120k rupees. 80k is pretty much the best price to find...

    Well seems like prices fluctuate a TON per server. I saw someone selling Avalauncher for 20k and Nobody wanted it lol! What is wrong with people?! :D
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  9. NF or Eminem?
  10. Aah.. If I had to choose, I'd go Eminem.
    I am more of a dark/folk metal kind of guy.
    And videogame music lover too.
  11. What is your position with animatornics living on emc :p
  12. Congrats on 4 years here :) where do you call home? town? wild? smp?
  13. What are your fandoms? Also, congratulations on 4 years. I spent almost half the time you've spent on EMC. (On here for 2yrs).
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  14. My position on animatronics is sitting on their shoulders while they create havoc in the wastelands. That would be epic
  15. Home is Trenton Ontario in Canada until my work moves me somewhere else.

    As for EMC, SMP6 was my home server for so long.
    I unclaimed all my reses and moved in the frontier wild a nice 46000 blocks away from spawn with my dad and our collection of villagers. I love spending time with other players but having a safe haven with a 3000 blocks radius is too enticing to skip.
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  16. Hahahahaha, haha.. Um.. Well, I would love a real life Minecraft Land, full size blocks and all, minecart rides, ghasts shooting fluffs of smoke everywhere.

    Thats noy a real fandom.. My real fandom would be living in Sword Art Online kind of environment.
    Im just scared I would turn into a slug like in Wall-E lol
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  17. What was your first build on emc
    Congrats on 4 years
  18. It was a Sauron tower made of solid oak and smooth stones. It was a whoping 100 blocks high.

    Back then, 128 was the height limit so I had to dug out most of the dirt.
  19. You should seen me on Miner Mania, Aphaea was hosting and I cut soo many trees, there was no trees in a jungle forest. Fire was everywhere and my eyes turned ever so redder killing mobs. I gained so much wood from that night :p Many members believe I will be the cause of human destruction of killing all the trees. "Not yet" I say and I move along making large quarries and cutting more exotic trees.

    What is your main smp and why did you choose that one than the other 8?
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  20. OK, time to get into the important questions.

    Cake or Pie?
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