[AMA] 3 years, 7k posts, 8k likes later...

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  1. I've been a member of Empire Minecraft for three years today. I also completely forgot. So... here's a story of how I got here, I guess.

    On February 8th of 2012, my friend asked if I'd like to play Minecraft with him in lesson. I said OK, he took me to the EMC website and told me to join smp3, and not the reccomended server (which was smp5 at the time). And so later on that evening, I joined, claimed a res nearby his, and we explored the wild together throughout that night. And on that same night, his base was griefed and I lost my own (I had never played multiplayer before and so didn't know Rei's Minimap existed :p) - so we made another one just outside spawn the next day with AlexHallon.

    Things were fine for about 2 weeks, until we were stolen from. We secured stuff, and then something like a week later, the wild was reset and we lived as townies until we started up our next venture, 'TES'. It was a public outpost, and crashed and burned within a week due to multiple griefings (one of which I accidentally committed myself >.>).

    My friend who referred me here left, and I reduced my activity here, mainly due to the fact I had no internet and became slightly more active on the forums. I became a member of the original EMC Wiki team in April. I then proceeded to join the LLO in August 2012, two months after I got my internet back, and I was active there for awhile. I also hit 1k posts that same month.

    Some time passed, I got onto the highest posting members list (with 2k posts :p), and then I was temporarily banned in February 2013. I came back, did some things, and I was banned again in June 2013. I got unbanned that September, and celebrated my second Christmas with EMC. I managed to make it into the top three highest posting members before I got banned once again, for a final time, in February 2014.

    Did my journey stop there? Nah. I got unbanned on the forums in March 2014 and in-game in May 2014. And then, in August 2014, I managed to get onto the Contribution Team - which was one of the happiest moments of my entire year and it really, really surprised me. I also went homeless for a bit and ended up moving to SMP5. I hit 7k posts at the beginning of 2015 :3

    And that's where my thing stops, because I have nothing else to say :p

    If you have something to ask me, ask away, since this is an AMA :p (things like 'Why do you have the worst celebrations ever?' and 'What's a fun fact about you?' are appreciated, lel)
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  2. c: hi.
    So what is a fun fact about you? Have you ever learned/tried to learn an instrument? Favourite game that isn't Minecraft?
    Congrats on 3 years!
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    • I live in Europe, but have never stepped foot on the 'mainland' :p
    • I used to know how to play a guitar... five years ago... and now I don't :3
    • I have favourites, but not a favourite... Fallout: New Vegas, The Sims 2, Just Cause 2, Hotline Miami, FTL: Faster Than Light, TES V: Skyrim, among others. I also really like all of Telltale Games's stuff.
  3. What biome is your res? (first res if you've got a lot:)).
    Grats on three years! :D
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  4. How did you find Minecraft and EMC?
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  5. Why did you get banned so many times? Do you play late at night when you are tired? I find that my impaired judgement at night leads me to say things that are antagonistic sometimes... for seemingly no reason. I try to either keep quiet when I'm tired or just be silly and try not to take anything too seriously. Good read, congrats on 3 years, that's a long time to stay loyal to a game. Very few games I have done that with and very few people that can say they have done that with any game.
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  6. Taiga, I think :p
    I saw the name somewhere, googled it (about September 2010-ish), watched videos about it and bought it for Christmas that December.
    I got banned for different reasons each time, and I don't get tired until about 2AM usually.
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  7. Which EMC member would you give cookies?
    Which EMC member would you throw a bucket of water right onto their face?
    Will Ubisoft go Rogue with the money they got from AC Rogue sales?
    How many husbands does nfell2009 have?
    Vhat makes me dat zpesial to pe da vriend?
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    • Tyler Oakley
    • Tyler Oakley
    • Maybe
    • Me, Jake (he doesn't know it yet...), himself, mba (I don't know if he knows it yet...) and that one guy on the Spigot forums. So 6.
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  9. You just remembered me how old I am. I've been here since 2011 ;_;
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  10. Hang on...Tyler Oakley is on EMC????!!!
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  11. ?
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  12. Soulpunisher said TylerOakley....
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  13. It was a joke.
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  14. ohhhh
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  15. :eek:
    Nice counting, that's 5.
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  16. What souls have you punished?
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  17. What do you know about SheIsNice?
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  18. What is your favorite color of sheep in-game?
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