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What color was the sky on june 6th in 1487 at 6:56pm in the area now known as florida.

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How am I supposed to know that 12 vote(s) 33.3%
That questions is silly 10 vote(s) 27.8%
The answer to all things is 42 19 vote(s) 52.8%
Doctor who is the worst show ever 7 vote(s) 19.4%
I love Batman 12 vote(s) 33.3%
Batman Vs Superman was so bad it made me cry a little. 9 vote(s) 25.0%
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  1. Good morning all !!!
    Today 4/13/16 makes my one year as a Moderator.
    I would like to take a moment and say thanks to you all out there for being an awesome community. I love you all. You each have something awesome to offer. From the forum warriors who do nothing but critique forums all day to the kids w ho just want to be friends you are what makes the world go round.

    AMA I'll happily answer any question that I can, anything staff related that is not answerable I'll respond and let you know.

    Giveaway- Ill be showering people with items or rupees depending on how much I like their questions. I'll post here who got what. I don't even know yet what I'm giving away yet but I'll figure it out.

    A Year in the life of a mod !

    I got the message asking me to join staff on the Monday before my wedding. I was so excited that I was jumping up and down around the house and dancing.
    This is what I had always wanted. I wanted to be part of the team that helped and supported this great server we are on.
    Because of all the wedding stuff going on I couldn't spend a lot of time in game but I did spend hours reading forums/rules/guides/staff things. I got online the night before my wedding and just hanging out with some of the people calmed me down and helped me out. I remember after the wedding and my wife and I went to dinner. I was laying around the hotel room with a Chromebook studying the rules and such for EMC. ( my wife was okay with it. SHe had already bought me a little minecraft toy with a note that says CONGRATS ON MAKING STAFF)

    After all the wedding stuff was over and I could get in game, I realized being a mod changed everything. Not like you would think. There is no cool powers and I can't just spawn things into game. But the game was no longer my own to play. It now belonged to you all. ( y'all where I'm from but I know most y'all cant understand that) It was exciting. Hopping from one smp to another to help and fix problems. Everything from chat infractions to improper builds. And greifing. My lord the greifing. I loved it. I love every minute of it. I have never been into building things ( I'm here for the economy) so I didn't mind not having time for that. I held a drop party shortly after I was made green ( thanks for the help with that nony ) and people showed up !! It's amazing what happens when you are green!!
    The year continued and I got to see a side of EMC that is amazing. The people are honestly the best. If you saw the amount of time Aikar and Krys put into the game your mind would be blown. They work full time jobs and full time here. I have seen aikar get woken up at 3am to handle things and have seen krys pour hours and hours into events and things to make you all smile. If you haven't taken the time to thank krys for all she has done I suggest you do so. ( pmcm.emc.gs ) Plus her inbox is getting low its prolly only 10 pages of unread.
    I got to hold an event ( The Big Dig ) that some friends and I started as a staff event. Holding that event is the hardest thing I have ever done in EMC. It's stressful trying to manage all you who don't like to follow the event rules. Or who love TNT ( you know who I'm talking to here ) But its also amazing to see the work that people put in to hang there. I hope one day we will finish one in a timely manner.
    And lastly the bond that staff shares is amazing, I was friends with the SMP6 mods before we became mods and then it only got better. Dramanya, Archdukemelon, Baradar67, Breezyman and of course Anonreturns. I can honestly say I speak more to you then some people I've known 20 years.
    But the other staff also. LGB Dwight Socks all of them are around all the time to say hi or help with an issue. I look forward to the next year working alongside you all /salute

    Before I forget. I would like you all to send Dramnya a PM also. She puts a lot of time into making sure that there is events and people to hold events for you. She badgers and makes us do things to make you all happy.

    And lastly I would like to ask a favor. Please don't forget that staff are people also. Here are a few tips.
    Say hello when you want to start a convo with us not just HELP ME!!!@!@!@!@
    Don't spam us ( me really some staff may like it ) with head requests. I hate when people I have never even see expect me to just give them things.
    Most of us are not price experts. I can not tell you the price of a dc of cobble on utopia ( I've been asked that ) Look it up on the forums or check a few shops, or you know use @e its a thing.
    Don't get upset when I don't respond to your PM right away. Generally I'm in the middle of four or five. And if I'm working on a report then at least two. I will get to you as soon as I can.

    TL;DR ask me questions !! And maybe win some things !
  2. Congratulations Eff! You're a fab mod and one of my greatest friends on EMC :)

    My first question is... what do you think of Gotham (The TV series)? :p
  3. What is it like being a mod?
  4. Congrats :) Anon wanted the first comment really badly so she made me wait ;) I thought I'd ask what you though of Batman Vs Superman? I saw your poll, so I'm wondering what more you thought... :p
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  5. I love it. Hannah and I watch it together. Its dark and amazing. Im looking forward to seeing how it evolves.
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  6. It aint easy being green.

    lol Anon is my oldest emc friend, she has been the reason I have returned a few times. When I think of all the good in EMC shes normally top of the list.

    As for BvS. It was very MEH to me. I hated how the story line jumped around. And if i had to see the waynes get shot one more time I was going to go nuts.
  7. Marvel or DC? Please explain opinion also
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  8. That's A hard one for me. I would have to honestly answer both. I am a fan of batman the joker. But I also enjoy all the world of marvel.

    I am not on either side. I like all things that make me laugh smile cry or scream.
  9. Congrats on your 1 year as a staff member mark! #EffinForSeniorMod! I recently hit my 1 year of being on EMC and it was a blast!

    My question is, while you got mod status what difficult actions did you have to make (ban a former friend, unclaim a huge resident project, etc.)?
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  10. I have been lucky enough that I have never had to ban a friend. I have had to mute a friend a time or two. I think the hardest thing for me is thinking about things before I post them. There have been some really great threads this year that I would have loved to get in on but I didnt want people to take it wrong with me being staff.
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  11. Congrats!
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  12. Congrats! Whats the thing you like the most about EMC?
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  13. Okay, so say Mars is colonized and an offer is made to you to join the colony. You have to live there the rest of your life, but during this time each member of your family gets 1 million per year (including extended family) and you get to come back for a week at the end of each year. Would you do it?

    Also, congrats on a year as a mod :)
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  14. I would go without the offer of money yes. Being able to manage the first shop/mall of Mars would be a dream come true.
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  15. The people. Both good and bad. I see little of one and more of another. And it's amazing to watch
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  16. Next 5 questions get 10k each. ( must be valid questions )
  17. What is your favorite batman movie?
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  18. Thats a great question.. Worth 10k

    I don't have a favorite really I liked them all. I really enjoyed the grittiness of the dark Knight series.
  19. Happy 1 year! :D Are you excited about 1.9? yes or no?
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  20. I'm indifferent to it really. It will do something that people hate and it will do some that people love. I love things that change the economy though.

    10k incoming