Am i allowed to make and use this?

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  1. Hello! I have a short question, am i allowed to use THIS; auto cobble farm?

    It's basically a cobble farm where you can be afk and collect cobble or stone with the usage of F10 and hoppers.

    Thanks :)
  2. Don't see why not. :)

    There are allowed mods which will auto-harvest anyway.
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  3. Seems legit, don't see why this wouldn't be allowed. :)
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  4. Note that if you're using an auto-clicker mod you should be able to reply to a moderator if they're checking whether or not you're there. :)
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  5. If i would use this i would just use F10 :)
    Can you be afk for a while with F10?
  6. You'd have to ask a moderator about that one. I believe the general rule is it's fine to use auto-clickers/F10 if you're actively playing, but it's not fine if you're AFK. :)
  7. - you missed. That sucks though :(
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  8. Lol wut. Wrong thread.
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  9. So when i'm playing ETS2 on my other PC, it's fine, But when i'm sleeping it's not?

    EDIT: they are about 10cm away from each other.
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  11. Personally, and this is purely my own point of view, the rule about being able to reply to a Moderator is a more of a 'rule' than a 'RULE' and not one heavily (Or even lightly) enforced. People AFK at mob farms for days on end and ultimately, if a Moderator wanders along, Q's you and you don't reply, they'll just kick you from the server to make space.

    Also, unlike a Mob Farm, your results will be finite as eventually you'll run out of picks unless you've gone to the extreme trouble of making a Drop/Hop combo around you.
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