Allowing ads on my youtube = selling out?

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  1. I have been making youtube videos since the beginning of this year. Many of the videos are of Empire Minecraft events or just of how we play on the empire. This is why I want to address my decision with the community. EMC has been my minecraft home for a long time and I would like to see the community thrive in the future.

    I don't expect to earn any recognizable income from my youtube channel in the near future. It would be a great help if I could use funds to repair and update hardware and software used. Any extra would be rolled back into targeting traffic to the channel to encourage growth. Without growth, people will eventually find other interests and leave the channel and our server.

    I hope I can get support from EMC to get the word out about the channel and also our server in general. I think if people watch the videos it will give them an idea of what we are like and good people will want to join us.

    Thanks for watching and feel free to reply with your thoughts.
  2. Absolutely not. You put time and effort (and your own money) into your YouTube video's. If the ads help you do better then that's great.
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  3. I agree totally with ThaKloned, if they would help for sure use them
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  4. Monetising through adverts is not selling out, especially if you pour it all back into the videos you make to improve them. Living off money made from YouTube is hard enough for people with 1-2 million subscribers and thousands of views, never mind those with below 100 subs, such as yourself.

    If you'd like to get a little bit extra, consider looking into Patreon. Lots of YouTubers turn to it as an alternate source of income to use on their videos when the realisation most people use ad-block software and you wouldn't earn all that much anyway kicks in :p
  5. Most big youtubers put ads in their videos right. That's why they have more quality in their videos, like better gfx or better recording, because they can pay for it. If ads help you produce better, its not selling out at all.

    As for helping you get you get the word out about your channel, i'd be glad to help :D I have a small channel myself, and although it has just 20 subs lol I'd be glad if putting you in related channels or giving a shoutout in a vid would help. I can tell people I know about it too, I think they'd like your channel.
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  6. Definitely not, there's isn't even any way to justify it as selling out.

    Also, if you're interested, I hear the Stream Team is looking for members :p
  7. No. Selling out is when you're compromising your values for money. Making money by doing what you love is a totally different thing. It turns to selling out when you are no longer putting your heart into it and you're swaying your content to get more money. :)
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  8. The ads don't really allow them to rake in that much. Buying mansions, earning £5 million a year, getting nice cars, and living nice lives is not done through ad money - its done through selling out and doing sponsorship videos.
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  9. Selling out isn't necessarily the only way to do it. Sponsorships and partnerships are huge for big youtubers.
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  10. Those sponsorships usually involve complimenting something excessively and encouraging viewers to buy it, even if you think its not that great (hence why UK residents involved in media are now legally supposed to say somewhere, loud and clear, that they've been sponsored).

    Partnerships are pretty gr8 unless you're with Machinima, though :p
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  11. I'm not talking about using money from videos for yourself, I said for things like better gfx or recording. Good GFX won't cost you more than 5 dollars, you can get a good intro for 1-3 bucks.
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  12. Ads on videos are to be expected - as long as it's pre/postrolls and and banners, I honestly don't think people have the right to complain.

    EDIT: Although make sure you're crediting music in the description - just putting the credits in the video can be a bit iffy.
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  13. Well my kids and I, all minecrafters, have watch your videos for a while now, and love them. I don't see ads as selling out at all, you have a family to support. I know if I had the ability to get an alt account for my son we would be making YouTube videos as well.
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  14. if anyone says you are selling out tell em to shut up and get ad-blocker lol. i only have abp disabled on emc cause its the only site i want making money off me
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  15. I think you would be crazy not to use adds. It could help with obtaining better equipment for your videos. :)

    P.S. When your earnings start to get over the half million dollar mark, you can always share with the EMC community. ;):p
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  16. #first world problems
    What am I gonna do with all of this money??!?

    Glad to hear everyone seems pretty cool with me taking this step, it's one less thing for me to worry about. I didn't know if I would even get any replies.

    Allow me to tell a little story...

    Several years ago I was involved in a hobby car club. At one point I got really good at rebuilding a common item and offered to sell the rebuilt parts to members. Almost instantly I started getting mixed comments not about the parts, but about the whole idea of trying to make a few bucks for my time. This went against many peoples idea of what a hobby can/should be. I never actually made any money compared to the cost of attending even a single event. Not long after I gave it up because it was taking too much time/money from my family.

    Minecraft became my big hobby after that. First with my son and now my daughter, we spend time together doing something we enjoy and I get to be part of the community. At first, I helped lots of people get established and welcomed on my home server smp4, then I was able to help Aikar resolve some code/performance issues, and finally I was able to act as a moderator and also host events. With my daughter, hosting events, answering questions and investigating greif reports was not working. When I was demoted from moderator I was concerned that I would no longer be able to be so involved with the community. The youtube channel has been a great move. My daughter usually likes doing it with me and my wife recently started playing minecraft so she could spend time with us!!

    Thanks to everyone here who is supportive of us to keep doing what we are doing. This community really is special.
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  17. Your estimate is about 1 to 7 cents, you need thousands of view to earn something valuable....

    Source: My own channel...
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  18. I would allow it :D
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  19. PewDiePie earns an average of 600k per 6 videos
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  20. all i have to say is that no its in now way selling out, but for the love of god dont put ads in the middle of videos, thats all i have to say
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