All Hail Flag Month!

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  1. This year, we're not letting the Flag celebration last for just one day.
    Between June 15th and June 30th, we will be updating the Empire Minecraft Flag Shop on each SMP with TEN flags! (exact days variable)

    Visit the flag shop with /v spawn@flags on each SMP

    Country flags in order of release:
    (green text means that it's available for purchase, white means pending)

    So get ready to decorate your entire residence with ALL the flags!
    (props to ItsMeMatheus for his help with the Spain flag)
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  2. Nice to see update...

    Seems it's been a while since last update.

    May we see a new version the last day of the emc flag? :D
  3. almost first! nice update :D
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  4. Things kinda broke every time I went to paste them in so we were a little stuck.

    Now that it is unstuck, you'll likely see more at later dates.
  5. Did you not paste them alligned to a chunk border?
  6. What would that have to do with anything?
    The servers were crashing when I was pasting them in due to a world edit flaw.
  7. Yay Ireland flag :D
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  8. Awesome! Thanks :D
  9. Huzzah its finally here the new flags ;)
  10. The Flag of Spain is released! check your SMP flag shop, bottom floor.

    Note: These do NOT cross servers.
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  11. You know normal people are asleep at 1 AM....but thanks for all the new flags!
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  12. Timezones....

    It could be 1am for you but only 8pm for another...
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  13. Cool! new flags... Let the good times roll!
  14. or 5 pm :p
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  15. im very excited 4 the Japanese flag, its really cool that u guys are gonna make that too... right now im using banners but a flag would be so much cooler! ^.^
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  16. Or 12:00 noon
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  17. yey, finaly Norway <3
  18. Must buy Japan's Flag...
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