Aikar's Evil Head

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  1. As some of you will know (Most of you wont) , I'm making a res full of heads, but anyway I will be making a select few heads. Just post a screen shot of your skin (The head needs to be clear please) up here and I might make your head :)

    If you want your head posting:
    .Your skin needs to look good (If I dont pick you it doesn't mean I don't like your skin)
    .It needs to be simple (I chose Aikars as an example)
    Thats really it, thanks guys :)

    List of curent heads


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  2. Looks nice!
    Btw my skin is here:
  3. Unless you want some kind of EvilPurpleEyedLargeMouthedPvPLoverInAGreenSuitNamedAlexHallon I guess you don't want me.
    Really nice idea though, I like this. :)
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  4. can you do mine? go to miners need cool shoes and look up my skin
  5. It would be easyer if you posted it but Ill have a look
  6. chipmunky2.png zoom in :D sorry its the only pic I have
  7. Yours is the only one that will load atm Alex, so I will do yours first :)
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  8. Sorry for the double post, but which part is the head, changed the OP to say screen shot of your head
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  9. Use It lets you search for specific player skins.
  10. My skin is to the left of these words
  11. right there u go
  12. I bet that head is ruining the economy in a 3-residence radius.
  13. I'd say a 5-residence radius because I used my diamond sword to remove that from Aikar >:D

    Thanks for the skin :)

    If you want to check out your head (If your name has been posted in the OP) see 2127 :D
  14. do mine!
    its here
  15. If you want a person who likes PvP, likes to eat sherbet, watches The Walking Dead, Dragon Ball, and The Big Bang Theory then you can use me :D
    Minershoes is easy enough to use, so unless you have a big problem with it I won't give you a picture.
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  16. Mine is an original. Nobodies must has it, except Panda and I. We's buddies.
  17. Alrite :), I only have space for a few more now
  18. Do Mine
  19. Mine is too :p
  20. Put My Head next to cookies!! :D
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