Aikar's Evil Head

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  1. Using smooth sandstone will work great for skin colour:)
  2. Use mine :D Its home-made ;)
  3. or sand
  4. Yeah but then you have those lines, ugghh... You can all just be pink, because my OCD just can't handle it
  5. WOW! Nice, but i dont see how it is evil :D
  6. *Sand!*
  7. Aikar is evil :D
  8. Look mine up on miner shoes please!
    Mines very good :)
  9. Right, I'm off now, more heads in the morning! :D
  10. So that was what you were doing today!! Was wondering why you made all those animal heads :O nice project though
  11. and tomorrow, and the day after! Until - have so many layers that it reaches block hight! So keep those requests going!
  12. Put jake the dog!
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  13. :D do mine plz :DD
  14. Done 2 more, and I plan to get lots done over the weekend!
  15. do my head is just black with 2 green eyes at the back
  16. In reply to Aikar and his economy ruining ways:

    And do a picture of my dog :3
  17. I already haz a tribute to you, :D
    Nfell, your doggy will look like a pile of black on a white background, doggys confuse me :O
  18. Please put mines that is jake the dog!