Aikar Coding Livestream

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Is this a good idea?

Great idea, I would watch this! 35 vote(s) 74.5%
Ummm, it is decent I guess... 13 vote(s) 27.7%
Only you would come up with ideas this dumb... 6 vote(s) 12.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Although this is pretty useless, I find that it would be a decent idea to watch aikar do his coding skills on a LiveStream. Maybe he would throw in some EMC upcoming updates. Enjoy the poll, you are free to express your opinion :)
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  2. Uhm this has happened before ... They hosted some live stream on before
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  3. Was it Aikar coding?
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  4. Yerp
  5. Probably wouldn't happen since most of the code he writes is for emc privately.. and we don't need leaks to people copying our 'special' plugins like our enraged mobs.
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  6. It doesnt need to show the code, maybe just show him to the side of him where we cant see the code.
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  7. So you just want to watch Aikar eat cheesdodoles, drink coffee and stay up for days to code? :p
  8. Hours of watching someone stare at a screen and occasionally move a mouse or type? Oh boy. Where do I sign up?
  9. -_-
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  10. Or we could do it like Smosh recently did their livestream about their food battle game where they do fundraisers and stuff but Smosh is much bigger so idk
  11. I can give you the IP address of my webcam at home if it means that much to you lol
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  12. ok! :D
  13. Lol.
    I did it for the EMC Charity thing before - But it wasnt of ME, it was a screenshare essentially so people could see process and such.

    Snippets of code doesn't hurt. No one is going to be able to replicate EMC seeing a few of the files haha... I actually do commonly share some snippets to the public.

    Here is the source code to Netherhounds :)

    Hey, Maybe i'll do it tonight for some bug fixing and also for the upcoming secret update, watchers can get early preview to it!
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  15. I understood bits and pieces, but most of it was mumbo jumbo, but thats cool
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  16. This might be good to watch,I'm trying to learn how to code.
    I'm actually surprised how much of the nether hound code i understood.
  17. Yea yea clam down man getting way to excited. :p
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  18. Upcoming secret update... Why did you not tell us about your secret update...
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  19. I remember that live stream, with the live competitions, and live Q and A, it was cool and fun :D
  20. This could be cool. :)

    PS. I dont think your signature makes sense. I dont really understand it. :confused: