AFK Coasters: Are they allowed?

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  1. I just read in a thread that afk coasters are not allowed. Can someone in the know ( like a mod or admin, please) tell me if this is true? I don't want to be a rule breaker, but I use little coasters pretty much every day in my spawner area to keep mobs coming and also in my egg collector so I have plenty of eggs for my chicken roasting machine.
  2. More info on "Coaster" You mean rails and a mine cart?
  3. I was just reading the same thread and would also like to know. One thing that strikes me funny is that when you are a supporter you can get on the server when it is full any time, but can be kicked for afk? Maybe I am not seeing something.
  4. There are 420 playable slots right now. 7 servers x 60 slots per.
    There are currently 18,500+ members.

    Why is it fair for someone to walk away from the game for an hour to let monsters build up when one of those 18,000 could be playing.
  5. Considering all the banned members still count as members, and also all those inactive members i would lower that 18k number a bit :p
    But yeah, it's nice to give other's the chance to play ;)
  6. We don't allow AFK coasters and other ways to bypass the idle disconnect. Slots are valuable resources in EMC and during peak times we are full, and someone else who actually wants to play can get on :)
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  7. That is what I was not seeing! So that makes it clear for me.

    So in respect it would also make the mine cart track an unfair advantage aswell.(In my view anyway) I would have never know about the mine carts if I never read that thread. Darn it for getting my hopes up :(

    Edit: did not see JustinGuy's response before posting
  8. Perhaps I could modify the idle kicker to only kick idle people when the server is full?
  9. Yup, and also make it short, make it at most 3 mins (when server is full)
    And also, if you want a perk for supporters, make those 3 mins 5 or something :)
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  10. Well, sometimes i have to go eat dinner and I'm in the middle of mining so i can't shut it down or my buddy gets PO'ed so it would be nice to have that as a supporter perk but yeah, most times i just turn it off and come back on when I'm done
  11. Wait, what is a AFK coaster?
  12. 8 rails (4 powered) in loop, you get a minecart and put into that loop and just sit in there, it helps to send packs to the server and don't get kicked by "idling"
  13. I don't know the point in that. If I'm watching something on YouTube, I'll just move myself every little bit.
  14. Some people don't want to watch utube, they preffer to go outside and buy stuff :p
    But seriously, this is just for people to never get kicked, like 10 days online and never kicked.
  15. This would be an amazing perk. Just sayin.

    What really grinds my gears with the afk kick is it is location controlled. Meaning i get kicked all the time if im killing moster while standing in one area or running 5 blocks away to kill more (bqck and forth). Too bad me swinging my sword doesnt tell the system im not afk or even when i move 3-5 blocks im not afk...
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  16. That is what I have been doing also.
  17. Well, I never walk away for an hour :-0 It's more to stop the "bathroom break or cup of tea and come back to find all the spiders you were about to kill are gone because you got kicked for being idle" scenario. Supporters are guaranteed slots, so I don't get the logic either, really.

    That would be great.

    I guess I gotta go tear down some coasters now...
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  18. I would love to see that too :)
  19. YEH. I was killing mobs the other day and i was kicked for idleing. I was like what the hell, I'm freeing this world from deadly monsters and you think I'm being lazy? pft.

    Oh, by the way. When I've away for a while, it doesnt always kick me.
    I've been away for up to half an hour before without being kicked...why might this be?
  20. So... Is using an AFK coaster against the rules, or not?

    I ask, not for my own usage, but because this does not appear clearly defined. Technically speaking, I'm sure it could be considered an "unfair advantage." The player is not playing any longer.... I have been logged off due to being idle, due to work issues or personal issues that demand my attention. That's the way it should be. I watched someone tonight run an AFK coaster for 4 hours+, but I'm unsure if reporting is necessary?

    Not to mention, I'm sure the Empire doesn't have unlimited bandwidth.