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  1. Hey Everyone, it's rburke5786 from the smp5 server.

    My laptop is turning 4 years old at the end of this month and it still runs fast but can't handle what I'm really wanting to do with it. I'm looking for a PC that can handle recording and playing the game like youtubers do. I need some help from the community.
  2. i7 Intel 6th gen
    16gb ddr4
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  3. "Recording and playing Minecraft"

    This is 110% overkill for Minecraft.

    Intel Pentium G3258 Overclocked to 4.00 GHz (should be easy)
    Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD R9 380
    8GB RAM.
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  4. Checking the specs of the Pentium, and with air cooling it can reach 4.4GHz
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  5. No no no wait, hang on a second.

    Please don't get a dual core without hyperthreading, especially not when you want to stream.

    And, because you'll be playing Minecraft (and doing other things at the same time), I'd suggest you getting 16 GB of RAM. My minecraft sometimes eats away close to 4GB while just being on EMC, for only 1 client!
  6. I have other games other than Minecraft, I have GTA IV, GTA V, War Thunder, Eurp Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator when it comes out.
  7. Then I'd suggest what Todd_Vinton said. The only thing I'd change, is you should also consider a graphics card like the R9 390.
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  10. Well, it's actually not that much, usually. TDP doesn't mean everything, luckily, lol. The R9 290 was a pretty power hungry card though, but they seem to have improved a lot with the refresh, the R9 390.

    Please don't use these kind of sites for anything else than to compare specifications, as they usually are way off from the truth :p If you want benchmarks, just google something like R9 390 vs GTX 970/980 benchmark.
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  11. The specs recorded on manufactures website is same as the site that I linked, but if you really think it's wrong then ok..
  12. What is your budget? If I were you I would get an i5-4690k with atleast a 960 and 8gb of ram if you play other games
  13. I think the laptop I have now was more built for a business laptop, wasn't meant for games but can play games.
  14. Well, the specs are correct (usually/always), but the comparisons/benchmarks there seem really weird sometimes, and just way off what's actually happening, or sometimes they use benchmarks that really favor one brand (usually Nvidia). For example, if you compare whatever reasonable Nvidia GPU, against the R9 295X2, I think it'll favor the Nvidia GPU. This is not true at all in the real world, the 295X2 is a much better card in almost any way, especially in performance compared to most single Nvidia GPUs! Now I know, comparing these usually isn't fair, but it does show that that/those sites are sometimes really biased, and outright wrong.
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  15. If you do go with an i5. I'd suggest the i5 6600K you will be able to utilize the new DDR4 ram.

    I myself recently went with an i5 4690, (non O/C) and 8gb of ram, No graphics card and I run minecraft at 30-60fps. 1 gb of ram allocated to Minecraft and it seems to be just fine.

    Get at least 8gb of ram, and stick to an Intel cpu Imo.
    good luck and hope it works out! :D
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  16. I agree that the sites can be biased, depending on if they are trying to market or not. :p
    But, I'd have to overall agree with your statement.
    If anything I like EVGA, they have a great warranty, and I've personally dealt with their customer service A++
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  17. Generally, you need a much more expensive laptop to get the same performance compared to a desktop. And, if your laptop is a businessy laptop, the chances are big that it has no dGPU, and your iGPU is not really powerful enough to play most games as favourable settings.
    dGPU = a graphics card/chip that's not in your processor (CPU)
    iGPU = the graphics chip in your CPU
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  18. Yes. For the love of everything (lol), please get DDR4, if you don't already have (spare) desktop DDR3. If you get DDR4, you'll probably be able to use it again the next time, instead of being forced to also completely renew your memory, after using it only one "CPU cycle".
  19. You, Sir, have just named my specs for my PC. My brother picked out the parts and built it for me; I don't overclock however, It's unnecessary and I don't have proper cooling systems either. But my brother wants to buy me a new PSU and Cooler for my birthday in 4 days, although I really don't need to overclock. (explain to my bro pls)