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  1. Admiral Ideas

    A while ago krysyyjane9191 or Maxarias made a forum post asking what the community would like to see happen/change in order to make the empire better. During this time some real life problems had kept me away from the game and not allowing me to post any of the ideas that I had discussed with a few of my other friends that also play the game. Now that it's six months down the road being past summer, and school starting up again I'm still just have a good work load. So I am posting my "Admiral Ideas" and then in the next few day, or weeks, I am going to have sort of Goodbye grief party. Rest a shored I will be voting, and will one day come back, when that one day comes I will have two vault pages full of useful items and hopefully a good amount of rupees. When that day does comes, I hope that at least one of these ideas will be on the empire. Also warning there will be plenty of spelling/grammar mistakes throughout this.


    One of my favorite things about the empire is that it has its own unique Mini-Bosses that are extremely fun and hard to kill that drops items that are worth the damage to your god armor. There is one slight thing I have noticed though, besides the Netherhound there is no real Mini-Bosses that can be found in the Nether or the End. This is why none of the mini-bosses I am suggesting should go in the overworld.

    Album or PigKnight (Chicken Jockey)

    This Mini-Bosses would be like the Nether version of a Marlix. It would be a Zombie Pigman ridding a chicken that is on fire and can never be killed just like the Marlix's bat. Now with the chicken jockey already being hard to kill this Mini-Bosses would not summon any enraged mobs to fight alongside. It would be wearing a full set of enchanted white leather armor that way the creature just looks like a white blur when fighting. This Mini-Bosses would also have the same spawning ratio and health of a Marlix that way it's a challenge to find and kill. For a weapon this Mini-Bosses should be a Golden Hoe that has Knockback V and Unbreaking V. The Weapon is a Golden Hoe because the boss is a pigman and there are not that many hoe special items in EMC. The Knockback V is there because EMC does not have many Knockback items and has Unbreaking V because it's gold and all gold items have extremely weak durability.

    Once spawned a red message appears in Chat to all nearby players say, "You hear a chicken call for a challenge"

    Drops would be something like this: (Item:Quantity:Rarity:Lore:Enchants if any)(Also armor is all white and leather)
    (Bosses Name)'s Boots:1:Very Rare:Forged in gold and feathers: Unbreaking V, Protection V and soul bound
    (Bosses Name)'s Leggings:1:Very Rare:Forged in gold and feathers: Unbreaking V, Protection V and soul bound
    (Bosses Name)'s Armor:1:Very Rare:Forged in gold and feathers Unbreaking V, Protection V and soul bound
    (Bosses Name)'s Helmet:1:Very Rare:Forged in gold and feathers: Unbreaking V, Fire Protection V and soul bound
    (Bosses Name)'s Claw:1:Rare:Forged in gold and feathers: Knockback V and Unbreaking V
    ZombiePigman Head:1-4:always:none:none
    Shiny Chicken:4-16:always:none:chicken with enchanted effect on it that once eaten gives Minig Fatigue III-3:00, Speed IV - 0:30, Hunger - 0:30
    It should also drop Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock, Stable Voucher, Vault Voucher, and Dragon tomb shards at the same rate of all other mini-bosses

    This is a kind of restatement of a mini-boss that I posted here.

    Necraoss, Nether King, or Reaper (Wither Jockey)

    This Mini-Bosses would be like the ruler of the nether which all players should fear because it's a challenging boss to fight. The Spider and Wither Skeleton health should be linked so that it's equal to the health of Marlix. When in battle this Mini-Bosses can summon enraged cave spiders for assistance. (This is so EMC can have them drop cave spider heads.) The spawn ratio would also be the same to that of the other Mini-Bosses.

    Once spawned a red message appears in Chat to all nearby players say, "You sense the air around you becoming hotter."

    Drops would be something like this: (Item:Quanity:Rarity:Lore:Description)
    (Bosses Name)'s Soul Snatcher:1:Very Rare:A reaper needs to steel soals: stone sword with Unbreaking V, Fire Aspect V, Looting V, final and Soulbound
    Wither Skull:1-4:always:none:none
    Captured Soul:4-10:Rare:A jar of experience once drunken gives 50 points of XP (It takes 825 points of XP to get to level 30)

    Custom Item/Promo Ideas

    Maxarian Rose

    This could promo could be a Valentine's day Promo or for Maxaras' birthday. This would be a rose renamed Maxarian Rose in red and bolded. What makes this rose special would be that every X number of minutes a player can right click it shoot a fire charge. The X number of minutes should be around at least 5 but no greater than 60 that way this rose can give a an advantage but not that much of one in pvp or Mob Arena. This item should be soul bound and have a lore that says something like, "Fire is Beautiful and Deadly!!!"

    EMC B-day Cake

    This promo would be to celebrate EMC Birthday. It could be just cake renamed EMC B-day Cake with lore that says, "Happy Birthday EMC!" Giving it an effect when right clicked on like giving 100 tokens that recharges every 8765 (1 year). This would be a nice way to get easy tokens without it being able over use them.

    Labor Day Items (Workbench, Furnace, and Enderpack)

    These items would be like the original Labor Day Workbench where the workbench can be opened by right clicking the item.
    The Furnace when right clicked will open up for a person to place any smelt able item into it, the player should not have to put fuel into it, however when it's done smelting the smelted item is automatically put into the players inventory that way the furnace can't be used as storage place.
    The Enderpack would be just an enderchest that when right clicked on shows the enderchest inventory.

    Christmas Themed (EMC Snowball (drop), EMC Eggnog, or EMC Tree)

    EMC Snowball: For a limited time Enraged Snowmen will spawn. This snowmen will throw snowballs any player within reach, should have twice the health of normal snowman, and have an extremely rare chance to drop the EMC Snowball. The EMC Snowball will be a soul bound snowball that can be thrown an infinite amount of times that has a cool lore
    EMC Eggnog would be a soul bound bucket of milk that can be drunken an infinite amount of times. A cool lore would be: Have a Swig on EMC
    The EMC Tree should be a fern that is soul bound which when right clicked on it gives a play a random item (As a kind of present). This item should be any item that can be spawned in creative (so no dragon eggs or EMC custom items).
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  2. Here's some more that couldn't fit the 10000 character limit.
    Enraged Mobs

    When enraged mobs first came out it was just Skeletons, Zombies, and Creepers. Now there has been a showcase of enraged silverfish and enraged squids, however I've yet to see them in the wild or waste. I am assuming that they will be released in an update yet to come, and here is my thought to some other enraged mobs that should be added. (please note, I believe EMC uses something like mythic mobs to create there creatures. If EMC doesn't use a plug in like that I recommend it be looked into)

    Enraged Spiders/Cave Spiders

    I believe the "enraged spider" should be a cave spider for several reasons. 1; They our much harder to hit 2; They can poison automatically, so no one should need to program them to posion 3; EMC can make them drop the cave spider head which players have been wanting since heads could drop from mobs. The mob itself should be twice as much health, and about a .5 increase in speed. Drops would be (item:quantity:rarity) Cave spider head:1:rare, Dragon Stone Fragment:rare:1, diamond:1-3:rare, and spider web:4-15:uncommon (this is a great job since players can't normally get them and I can't think of anything to do with a shinny spider eye)

    Enraged Rabbit/Enraged Toast

    With 1.8 coming out soon with bunnies being a cool new mob, I believe EMC could benefit from the alternate skins of these little guys. The toast skin doesn't spawn naturally so it can easily be spotted. Now this enraged mob would like the other enraged mobs were it on fire, doesn't take fire damage, stronger, faster, and have twice the health of a normal rabbit. Drops would be (item:quantity:rarity) rabbit head:1:rare Stone Fragment:rare:1, diamond:1-3:rare, and shinny or burnt toast:4-15;uncommon. (This would be a cooked rabbits leg that has the shinny effect, and when eaten gives mining fatigue III - 3.00m, Hunger - .30m, and Jump II - .5m)

    Enraged Endmite/Silverfish

    Most of the enraged mobs spawn naturally in places that are not normally high in light, but I believe these guys should be an exception. When mining any naturally generated block has player a 1 in 3000 chance to have an Enraged Endermite or Sliverfish spawn on them. These annoying little creatures, besides being on fire, have the normal health of their non-enraged brothers, however everyone in a 10 block radius get mining fatigue II until the creature is killed. Also when the creature attacks it gives the player slowness I for .10. Drops would be (item:quantity:rarity) creatures head:1:rare Stone Fragment:rare:1, diamond:1-3:rare, and shinny scale:1-4:uncommon (a prismarine shard that has an enchanted effect.) The shinny scales can be collect and placed into a crafting table to create chain armor (this makes a extremely hard to obtainable item to become an only hard to obtain item)

    Enraged Chicken

    Enraged Chickens would be a perfect new mob for a Thanksgiving Day update. These chickens would have three times the health and speed of the normal chicken as well as being on fire. These guys deal one heart of damage, however like the nether hound, they spawn in groups of 3-5. Item drops include (item:quanity:rarity) Dragon Stone Fragment:1:rare chicken head:1:common shinny feather:4-15;uncommon (this would be a feather with the shinny effect that when eaten/right clicked gives mining fatigue III - 3.00m, Hunger - .30m, and Speed IV - .5m)

    PVP Related

    PvP events

    While EMC is not that much of a pvp server, I as well as others would love to see a pvp event. This could be as simple as one of the senior staff doing a giant pvp free for all that once you die you can no longer teleport back into the arena. Another cool thing would be having some mini bosses spawned in that everyone will be attacking like on the grand opening of the pvp arena when Aikar spawned in a Momentus on everyone.

    PvP Maps

    With 1.8 adding a new water based enchant "Depth Strider" I think it would be cool to add another pvp area that's almost completely underwater. In this pvp arena I imagine a smaller version of the ocean monuments with some "floating" sea lanterns that are surrounded by fences or signs that way a person can go to them to get air. Also there would be one row of air at the very top of the arena, that way players can't camp places to get air.

    EMC already has a beach, Redstone, temple, and nether like pvp arena. I think a neat addition could be an End based map. This map would have several small floating platforms of endstone, with one large platform in the middle. Now on this large platform it would be amazing if a ender crystal was placed there. Also on one of the corners, there should be some type of obsidian tower where players can spawn. At the very bottom of the arena would be filled with pressure plates that teleport the fallen player back to pvp spawn to be like falling into the void.

    PvP Group Tittles

    While Mojangs new EULA is all about paying player can't receive in game perks, a cool website based perk could be a supporter has the right create a pvp group name that can replace or be added under the normal "Supporter/Member" space. It would be like creating a private conversation where the creator can talk to the members of the group, and they can wage pvp wars to settle things.

    Voters Reward

    Token Multiplier

    A nice reward for every 50 or 100 votes could be a token multiplier. These would be just some random item that when you right click it gives you a times 2 multiplier for an EMC hour. This could be used when fighting enraged mobs, mini-bosses, and whenever mini-games are released.

    Well I hope you liked my ideas, I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks of my Admiral Ideas. Also, check out my res on smp 6 to scope out things for the grief party coming soon.
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  3. Thanks it took me a long time. XD
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  4. these are some really cool ideas
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  5. I like all of them, but the EMC Christmas promo seems amazing to me the most :D
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  6. Very much like! These are awesome ideas! Thank's for putting your time into this post.
  7. theres some really good ideas in this
  8. Bump I was kind of hopping there would be more response to this, also as of now the grief party will be on a Saturday.
  9. I like the pvp arena ideas.
  10. So the grief party will be on the 13th? And what time?
  11. Sorry karatekick2001 it will not be on the 13th, i'm 100% positive that i'll be away from the computer all day. It will most likely be on the 20th or 27th . I'm still trying to make sure i have the time available before i completely commit to the event. I will make another post advertising the grief party as soon as i can I have at least 30min to be on.
  12. This is the best suggestion thread I've ever seen on EMC. Now onto critisizing :p
    Why would you not need fuel for the furnace?
    I think the items that are unbreakable shouldn't be soulbound. I think there always needs to be a way to lose things, with the exception of voter's items.
    A 1 in 300 chance for the spawning of an enraged endermite or silverfish would be way too big I think. Better would be like 1 in 2000, I'm not too sure though. For people speedmining this could get annoying really fast.
  13. Hey thanks for the great feed back. I'm not sure what your talking about items being unbreakable, the none of the custom items are unbreakable so i guessing your talking about some of the mini-boss mobs having unbreaking enchant on them just to make it last longer. I didn't think i posted on of the unbreakable items I thought of.
    As for the furnace always being full that's because i can see trouble coding being able to keep the coal/fuel if a player dies. Now only being able to place one thing in it at a time, i believe (I could still be very wrong) would be much easier to code.
    You pointed out the spawn ratio for as 1 out of 300, that's a type o. It supposed to be 1 out of 3000 (I've fixed it now), and you say it could be issue while speedmining. I agree, that's kind of the point why I made them, my thinking was to help inflate some of the prices of things that are still pretty cheap like cobblestone. This is a good point, do you know if it's possible to make it spawn bellow the level of 15?
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  14. For the unbreakable soulbound items, I meant the EMC eggnog and snowball.
  15. The unbreakable snowball would be great for my football/soccer idea :D
  16. Okay now i see what you mean, and now that you mention it a infinite bucket would be over used in the mobarena. As of the snowball, i can't back the reason for it being soulbound, other then i don't like losing rare EMC items like the dragon stones (I lost two in the resent Death event). Also i guess they could become the best way to kill blazes and other mobs, but i do think it should stay infinite. Also 607, thank you very much for the "criticizing" feed back. It helped me see flaws in my ideas that should be thought about if Aikar or anyone else makes them a reality.
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  17. You're welcome :) I think, with suggestion threads, you shouldn't just be like "I like some of these idea, +1" but rather comment on the things you want to improve, because that's what suggestions are for.