Additional Utopia Servers

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  1. One thing that has apparently come up on the forums before is that all the land in the town for Utopia has already been taken. Not knowing this yet, I purchased a supporter voucher a few days ago specifically to build in Utopia's town.

    Would it be possible to create additional Utopia servers, or to possibly expand the town in Utopia? This is apparently a problem that several players have run into, and I think it would improve the quality of EMC. Thank you.
  2. All of the towns on each SMP server will be expanded soon.
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  3. soon*
    *In Aikar Time
  4. Derelicts occur often, though not at the same rate as the other servers. Keep an eye open and I'm sure a piece of land will pop up over the next month.
  5. Not to long ago they did an expansion to town by one row but that didn't seem to help that much. I can see them adding more rows of reses but a whole other Utopia would just be unnecessary in my opinion. Utopia is empty (playerwise) enough as it is and a second one would just stretch that short amount of people even shorter and decrease server performance. Hopefully staff gets so you sorted out and gets you a res. :)

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  6. I had one month of supporter voucher and none of the reses were free that was a bumer
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  7. The original expansion you mention hit a road bump and is still in progress.
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  8. I do not want to come off as disrespectful, but this has me puzzled. What is the road bump?
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  9. First issue with world boundary that Aikar fixed, then issue with res creations system, then 1.8 update messed up world edit. That's all I can remember.
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  10. As a developer (non-MC), I can identify with that.
  11. ive never seen utopia not have atleast one open res, and usually the system reclaims derelicts when that last open one gets claimed, you can also manually find derelicts and reclaim them (theres quite a few if you know how to look)
    so if those 5 fill up and system doesnt do its job look at 5030, 5151, 5406
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  12. Wound up getting one a couple of days ago.