Access signs for 4+ people?

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  1. Evening all.

    So my friend Shel just installed a forge on my res this evening and we'd like to give our circle of friends access to it (roughly 6 people including myself) to help out with smelting early on. It's more efficient than coal for us and lava is incredibly easy to get in the wasteland nether.

    Problem is that access signs only permit 3 names + the res owner access. So, is there a way to permit more than 3 people access to a chest without using the "everyone" access sign or setting up universal flags?

    Thanks for your time!
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  2. i may be wrong but i think you can add a second sign on the chest next to the first one with some more names. i may be thinking of something else though
  3. According to aikar, this is a work in progress feature for sometime in the future, which will use books. 820 may be right, but i am not entirely sure.
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  4. Seems we got some experimenting to do :)

    We'll be sure to let you guys know the results.
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  5. We did it ;)

    You guys probably know this but we managed to get 7 people access to one chest. The secret: a double chest, which has place for 2 access signs. And that creates more options. We'll need to work some things out in our project (some parts were designed with one chest in mind) but that's for later.

    So, this works (spoilered just in case):

    With an extra thank you to Palmsugar for her help!
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  6. u can also put them under the chest.
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  7. i can make an example if needed.
  8. Aah, that is good to know too, thanks! We were under the impression they needed to be above the chests at all time. Ok, this opens up even more possibilities. We'll have to check that out too ;)
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  9. I am sure you can put them under as you can do it with:


    Example would be a block with a chest ontop and a sign at the back of the bottem block.

    Hope that helps.
  10. You could have just looked at Olaf's post before experimenting with it:

  11. Although that is absolutely true, the experimentation was more fun to do :)

    (oh dear, that even rhymes. must be the upcoming time of the year)
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  12. How do you mean? That will be something added in the future.