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  1. AC Inc. is pleased to be designing/landscaping anything of your dreams for world saves and schematics - meaning that the savings are passed down to you because you get the entire design for your use instead of having it built on EMC. This service provides homes, hotels, gardens, stores and anything else that you would like! I can promise dedication and perfection in every build.

    Visit the compilation album for more examples of various sizes and work.

    Various architectural/scaping features - 8000r - 1 day - Built on EMC
    Small (15x15) garden landscaping - 6000r- 1 day - Built on EMC
    Medium (30x30) garden landscaping - 14,000r - Built on EMC
    Large (60x60) garden landscaping - 28,000r - World only

    Small building (15x15x12)- 50,000r - 1 week - World only
    Medium (25x25x20) - 110,000r - 1.5 weeks - World only
    Large (45x45x35) - 230,000r - 2.5 weeks - World only
    Extravagant (very detailed, large+) - 300,000r - World only
    Huge (56x56x40+) - 380,000r+ - World only

    Please send me a private message, with details following this format:
    The Title: <your name> <project>
    The Body:
    <Details, requests, please provide as much information as possible regarding what you would like>
    <Which category/style you would like me to try and build with - can be discussed in the PM>
    Please try and include a basic floor plan.

    A compilation of all my builds
    • Building category is deemed by myself after it is completed.
    • These prices are minimums and depending on the height, width, length, effort, detail, material total cost it will be more.
    • Payment will usually be requested once build is near/completion, and then world save will be sent via a Mediafire zip link. I also have the right to seek payment in advance.
    • Building projects will be completed in 1.7 creative mode SP.
    • I may decline some projects due to a multitude of reasons, including a workload.
    Just two of many customer satisfaction comments:
  2. What's a medium? And what's a small, do you have example's i'm interested :)
  3. It really depends on what you have in mind. :) Have a look at this though:
    Perhaps a 20x20 house would be small and a 30x30, few stories building would be medium. :)
  4. For an architecture service, you should probably have some floor plans for the buildings you would make for people. I know this because I know for a FACT that Im going into architecture once im out of college
  5. Each building is unique. I update progress of course, on big projects, with screenshots but there's no need for floor plans unless it's requested. :)
  6. Floor plans would be good though. The more you have, the more people know that there is a larger variety of buildings they can choose from
  7. There's not a "choice" of buildings, I just start them from what you describe and want. :) If anyone does want a floor plan though, I'd happily give them one.
  8. Do you just build it and if they don't really like it, you fix it? I am kind of confused on this...
  9. I can fix bits and bobs of course, but if they don't like the WHOLE thing then that would result in a payment. :)
  10. I've just changed the prices for a limited time, grab them while you can. :)
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  11. I'm really considering getting one of these... If I ordered one now, but get it until after the prices increase, do I still get the discount? :p
  12. You can't :( The price is down because I have some free time atm.
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  13. Although, if it's just a few days-a week off I'd go for it. :)
  14. Nah, it's probably a few months away :p
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  16. I've recently got a garden built by Alex, and it was top-quality. As soon as I informed Alex, he immediately confirmed my order. When he was able to build it, the process was efficient and handled professionally. I definitely recommend this service to people like me who are too lazy to build their own res - and I'm definitely going to use this service again in the future. ;)
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  17. If I built my shop, could u do the landscaping?
  18. Of course, but PM me :)
  19. Hey Alex just a suggestion maybe in like creative you could make various examples of what the buildings would be maybe so then you wouldn't get so many question about building sizes? Just a suggestion don't have to use it if you don't want to
  20. I build them in creative after I have an order, sharing it with the customer as it progresses, then rebuild it on EMC :) Nothing is set in stone in terms of size, good idea though.
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