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  1. yea, I know that, but I want an exact price.
  2. If you want an exact price, you will probably have to describe the modern house more :p Do so by dropping him a PM and he will get back to you.
  3. Around 60k, but for an exact price yeah, PM me :)
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  5. Thank you for building 18200 Alex, it is very detailed and I hope to convert it into a great museum that is flourishing in detail of items as well as the flourishing details that you have brought it! :D
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  6. Quick bump :)
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  7. im interested
  8. Another build created :D 18762 on smp9

  9. Would it be possible to get a discount if you only build the shell of a building with no floors or interior? :p
  10. Most likely yeah
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  11. So are you back in business? If so can I request a build?
  12. I have never not been, I'm still not taking on more orders though :p
  13. I've made some changes to the service, check them out :)
  14. Does this mean you're taking new orders? :p
  15. I've taken a couple on the past few days, so kind of but not really :p
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  17. Wow amazing builds
  18. Tempted to place an order for a Spawn Lot I have. These builds are AMAZING!!!
  19. You may have to wait a while he has several on the go.
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