Above the Nether

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  1. Before i try I was wondering if it is possible and legal to get above the nether here. The reason for this because I am going to be making a gold farm and I want better spawn rates.
    If a staff member could confirm or deny that this is allowed, that would be great.

  2. You can't get on top of the nether. There have been multiple threads about this and they've all received the same answer.
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  3. it is possible in vanilla minecraft. However on EMC, it will just automatically tp you back down.

    I recommend just slabbing, you can still get a great and efficient farm :)
  4. okay thanks for the feedback.
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  5. I wonder if someone has built a farm on the nether roof. Would it even be possible? Do mobs spawn on there?
  6. mobs dont spawn on the bedrock, but if you place a block above, they will spawn on that.
  7. Well, you know the saying: links or it didn't happen :D

    Nah, more seriously, I'd like to point to the last discussion about this subject. Not only can you see that the idea was already denied, but there are also some very good reads in there explaining why this is so as well.
  8. ANY time?

    I will keep the in mind...
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  9. note, mojang fixed the tree breaking bedrock, and they are talking about making above the nether kill you like the void does.... so, consider it officially unsupported by mojang now.
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  10. I had a base in top of the nether on a different server once, it was pretty sweet