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WIll you wire me R

ya 2 vote(s) 9.5%
na 19 vote(s) 90.5%
  1. I am 10 and this is my FAV surver and i love it. I love building and i think there should be jobs where you just build cause if I had the recourses i would have a awesome house so plz wire me R LOLOL
    Wire means send
  2. Pl0x do not beg for rupees. :D

    Also, have you tried gathering resources?
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  3. I
    m not begging its asking begging is spamming trying to ask and yes i have but then i dided LLOL
  4. No, what you did just there is begging. It doesn't matter if you spammed it or not.

    Welcome to EMC :)
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  5. Welcome to EMC. head out into the waste in the day time and mine away.
  6. i cant i lost my pick LOLOL
  7. Buy one from someone. Make one from resources you bought. Make some with resources you gathered. Vote and get the Voting Pickaxes. Lots of ways that you can get more :)
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  8. I lost my pick and i have almost 0 R NOTlol
  9. Well we hope you make some rupees quick. just make sure you are not begging. Hope to see you around !!
  10. you wont read my latest thing :-(
  11. Log in and you get 100r each day. Vote each day and you'll get many thousands in rewards over each week and you'll get special bonus prizes every now and then for a streak too. You can also make a business and sell items to make even more money once you've gathered resources with tools you bought from simply logging in each day. There's lots of ways to strike on the rupees and then invest it into new areas to make even more.
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  12. I'm sorry to hear you've had a hard time getting started. Watch for the Friday Night Mining announcement on the Forum tonight and join in if you can. There will be many people there who can help you collect resources in a fun, safe, controlled way.
  13. I dont have a pic and plus noone likes me NOW
  14. I can promise you, every single person here messes up at some point, especially when they're new.

    Hell, some of them become bug team members, then mods, create the wiki, then leave being a mod, and hang around every once in a while. ;)
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  15. I think it's time to start off normally now, like singleplayer survival.

    Go to the wastelands, mine some materials, and earn some rupees and make a pick. You'll need to use the vault to take your items to Friday Night Mining, and be sure to read the guide and this thread also. :)
  16. its 2:26 here how long till friday night mines
  17. This isnt true. We have a very active forum community. And all the players are nice. We help but we don't give handouts.
  18. What he said :p xD
  19. i know
  20. Way past my bedtime :rolleyes:
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