Ability To Buy/Sell Old Spawn Eggs

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  1. At the moment, I have a large number of spawn eggs that don't appear to stack with the sell-able versions. Since the eggs all look the same, the only way to realize this problem was to try to buy or sell the eggs using a second account, and the only way to debug which eggs are affected from the client was to experiment with stacking. I talked with at least one other player with a similar problem, which they also found frustrating and couldn't find a solution for.

    These eggs are effectively taken out of circulation from the market, and players can't buy or sell them at most shops (unless you create a custom shop especially for these "glitch egg" variants). It's a frustrating experience, since for the longest time I've believed I had lots of inventory, but in fact players trying to buy would see "Shop is out of stock." and I can't imagine how many times people have come to sell old spawn eggs and assumed my shop was just broken. That was after remaking all the signs on every server.

    As far as I understand, there is some small NBT tag difference, but nothing functionally different about these eggs. If there's something else different such that people have a special reason for wanting the old version of the spawn eggs, it would be useful to understand.

    Potential solution:
    If a shop is set up to sell a type of spawn egg, for example "Villager Spawn Egg", it could automatically work with both old and new variants of the eggs.

    Alternative solution:
    Prior to checking for stock in a shop chest, upgrade any spawn eggs in the chest. When attempting to make a sale at a shop, upgrade any spawn eggs in the inventory.

    Backup solution:
    Having a command that can "upgrade" spawn eggs to the new variant, so at least they would be compatible with existing shops if someone knew about the problem.

    Please let me know any thoughts! Thanks!
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  2. Have you tried putting them into /vault, closing vault, reopening and retrieving/retry-ing? Otherwise +1
  3. I have a similar problem with blaze heads. New ones do not stack with the old. However, if I come back a day later and hit the sort button (I have the mod for that), the new ones I put in a day ago will now stack with the old. Never could figure it out. And since it was dealing with heads, I never thought to report it. At least I'm not getting ahead of myself.:rofl: :lmao:

    P.S. I have tested this with other heads with the same results.
  4. After the 1.13 Aquatic Update, the mob eggs changed. Among the changes were the color being kept for sheep/parrots/mooshrooms/villagers, which created additional eggs for those mobs.
    'washing' the eggs by placing them in the vault and opening and closing it a few times is the only work around that staff has ever suggested, besides the obvious spawning the mob and then re-egging it.

    Similar changes with the NBT tags have happened with every update on Books and Heads. changes have recently been made to ocelots and wolves, which affect those mob eggs on emc.

    Shop signs simply have to be re-made after every update for these items: Books, Heads, and eggs. Has been going on for several years. Nothing new. Choose signs work the bet for selling them and buying them can be based on whichever version you want signs matched to.
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  5. just so you know some of the older eggs, like parrots that don't have a color, are worth a lot more then the other eggs
  6. I have debating how to respond to this thread. The ultimate issue is that internal data changes in an undetectable way version to version for spawn eggs. Similarly with mob heads, although I understand less why they fail to stack.

    The solution, is not what is suggested here (as mentioned the differences are impractical to detect). I could change ALL of the mob eggs and heads in a way that makes this new version resyncable. Which would require breaking them one more time. But the last time.

    Y'all let me know what you think. Is having permanent working spawn egg shops worth it to break ALL shops one last time. Thanks :)
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  7. Eh, the colorless parrot eggs are really only going to be obtainable through this last winter event (accidentally put in without a type). I am unsure whether there was a time when "parrot" eggs were without a type. Maybe I am wrong.
  8. Yes, I do think it's worth it. Choose 1 shops aren't a suitable workaround to sell; only buy. Also, sometimes short-term inconvenience can prevent worse pain in the long run.
  9. i have about 30 of them without a type
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  10. There has not been another game workaround suggested to players, besides the 'vaulting wash' that we have been told about in game. Unless you are referring to the code-based solution, which we have no access to. Please elaborate what you referred to.

    parrot eggs saved their color in the same update where sheep saved their color (1.16?) previous eggs would just say "parrot" or "sheep"
  11. The original suggestions? lol
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  12. Your reference to a solution not mentioned here, sounded like you had something else in mind that players should be doing/trying. Since I had no idea what that could possibly be, I asked for clarification.
    Suggestions being made in a thread are just that, until such time as such suggestions are implemented.
    Your statement was ambiguous and unclear. I politely requested further information and clarification.
    I asked an actual question, hoping for communication, instead, I got a sarcastic comment that is unenlightening.
  13. woah woah woah :( I don't purport myself to be a linguist. Quite the opposite. My communication is horrible and I am sorry I communicated something unclear. Clearly I am missing something here...

    All I am saying is that there is no feasible way in the code to convert the old eggs to be new eggs. When I talk about suggestions, solutions, etc. I am referencing what solutions the developers could implement. I interpreted this thread incorrectly as a suggestion. In fact, I do not know why it is suggesting developer things without being in the Suggestion Box. I am just trying to find a way to fix the problem reported here, not cause conflict.

    As for what players can do now, all I know is they could spawn in the entities and re-eggify them. Which I acknowledge is a pain. I do not know of any other way to make them work in buy/sell signs consistently otherwise.
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  14. Is there a way to fix the heads that have this issue as well, or is it just doing the /vault wash thing to get them to stack. I still get mob heads now that won't stack with each other, even on fresh kills.
  15. Heads are weird for different reasons. They are tied to a Mojang Profile to lookup the texture. When we create them, we have hardcoded that profile/texture. So not sure why it sometimes creates ones that don't stack. It doesn't make sense.
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  16. Probably just a glitch in the Matrix. :) Hopefully, at some point, Mojang will fix their coding of the heads so things like this can be fixed.
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