A vagabond's return

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  1. So... Not that it probably matters, I have returned. <,<
    *journeys off to find land to create a new home*
  2. Welcome back!(Although I don't know who you are)
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  3. Welcome back! If you need a home, join a wild camp!
  4. Welcome back! It's sure been a while!
  5. There is a familiar face.
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  6. I remember you. Welcome back.
  7. Welcome back! :D I remember you too.
  8. I can't say I knew you but I remember that picture on he forums.....
  9. Welcome back!
  10. YAY -- Someone to talk Dragon Cave with me again!

    Missed ya :D
  11. Lol first thing I thought: "more dragon cave discussions! Yay!"

    Welcome back'
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  12. Wow, so what is with mob summoners and spawns going against the spawning rules check? I understand that the mob spawning was changed but do 20 spiders/creepers really need to spawn within the PBZ? Or have they been taught teleportation by the endermen?
  13. Yeah... Aikar had a little fun with mob spawning.
  14. Welcome back autumnrain, hope see you around.
  15. Welcome back! You aren't forgotten!
  16. Welcome back! We never really did anything together but we talked a bit every once in a while!
  17. gaaaah! I AM SO EXCITED! where did you go? I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! gaaaaaaaaaaah! EXCITEMENT!
  18. Welcome back!
    I, too, am unaware of who you are. But still!
  19. I really quit playing Minecraft after getting tired of the constant updates and went to Maplestory, Star Trek Online and even started playing Borderlands because I thought one of controversial characters in the second game was kinda funny. Besides playing Dragons of Atlantis...again...as well as raising dragons on Dragon Cave. I also got really caught up in this one visual novel by Hanako Games, but then got depressed in how it ended abruptly..
  20. Hey! I wasn't aware you'd left, (as I've been gone for quite a while myself) but welcome back! :D

    I haven't played any of the games you're mentioning, though I've always been a little tempted to play Maplestory. I've spent most of my absence playing Minecraft mod packs initially, then Saints Row: The Third, and recently I've devoted a lot of time to FTL: Faster Than Light. Yet, I feel like something's missing; I haven't come across a game I really, really, really like recently, not ever since Minecraft came out. I long to experience that sort of gaming addiction again.

    I really wish I wasn't tired of Minecraft. I'd probably be a lot more interested if I had any sense of creativity in me. :p All my houses just end up being one (or two, if I'm feeling adventurous) material, and typically very rectangular and boxy. I've seen some fantastic creations in Minecraft, but I just don't have it in me to make them myself. I suppose I could copy other people's works, but it's not nearly as satisfying.

    Anyway, I'm not intending to hijack your thread or anything, you just started talking about games, and I got caught up in it, haha. :p You probably won't see me around much, though. I've tried staying here on the forums while not playing, but most of the threads on here are about in-game stuff (obviously) so I don't feel like I can contribute all that much when not being an active player.

    Man, all my posts turn into long rants. I'm not one for brevity; I learned that a long time ago, haha. :D Again, welcome back, and sorry for the wall of text. :p
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