A tribute to Minecraft

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  1. OK we all love EMC but you know what the Empire wouldn't be here if it weren't for Minecraft the game we grew to love but this isn't just a Game it's a Community of Great Gamers and sometimes Noobs but we all love this game and we should thank it like in this video so as a tribute to Minecraft Watch this video.....
  2. I actually love this! lol
  3. Awesome we all need a thanks to Notch for this game
  4. We should. we could have every server (SMP1-Utopia) do something special about their server, SMP9 Pyramids, SMP1 Justin Guy, So on
  5. yup we just should appreciate this all
  6. Everyone knows the special thing about smp9 is me. :p
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  7. Put some punctuation marks in the original post pl0x.

    And this is a great song, I think I heard it last year and it never gets old :D
  8. Wow, I had never seen this before, while Sethbling is in it! :eek: Thanks for sharing! :)
  9. "It never gets old, does it?".... Oh so true right there, awesome opening line too!

    Yeah, I have to admit that sometimes when I'm doing my thing in the Empire I can't help wonder: "Ok, is this awesome because of the server or because of the game?". Obviously a bit of both of course, since EMC has done a lot to enhance our gameplay, but still....

    Reminds me that I really need to build more stuff :)
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  10. I saw this a long time ago :3
    It is a pretty good parody.
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  11. no problem guys