a sandman for hire

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  1. i will mine. the price will be decided by blocks/area mined.
    1,000r upfront always as picks and shovels are pricey.
    • 1 stack of blocks = 20r.
    • 1 stack of valuables = 150r.
    • a 16x3x16 (x,y,z) area = 300r.
    i will not take anything for my own.
    prices are negotiable.
  2. yo i can help you my in game name is accualy McAwesoem_09
  3. I may have work for you digging up a volume. PM me for details. Thank you for providing a price with your ad.
    • Thread was posted in December
    • Player has not logged in to forums since September & is derelict
    • OP has not bumped the thread at all
    I think it's safe to say this player is no longer for hire.
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