[Hiring] New Employees for ABC Construction

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  1. ABC Construction is Hiring 2 New Employees!


    Application Closing Wednesday July 8th! Apply below.

    Hiring 2 New Employees!

    I am currently looking for 2 new employees. You will earn 2k per day, to start (subject to raise), that you are active on EMC (for atleast 30 minutes). You don't have to work on a job to receive this income, you just have to be logged in and not afk for a reasonable amount of time (not 3 minutes - this isn't a vote bonus).

    The jobs you take is up to you, but the more jobs you take, the more money you make - as workers will receive an additional 25% of all jobs they complete, subject to raise.

    Why work for me?
    • You will get up to 14k per week for just logging in for more than 30 minutes per day.
    • I will consistently look for jobs through chat and forums to provide steady income.
    • You may purchase stock in what will be a ABC Construction Shop (details can be discussed over PM)
    How do I apply?
    • Please fill out this short Google Form application. It will take under 5 minutes.

    What exactly will I be doing?

    ABC Construction has been in the works for a few weeks now, and we are getting ready to launch officially in a week or 2. I have already done a couple of jobs unofficially this week.

    For now, I am looking for maybe 2-3 steady employees. You will be compensated idly at the end of each week depending on how many days you were active during the week. (you do not have to work a job to be compensated for the days you are active, you simply need to log in)

    On top of getting idle pay, employees will also receive a percentage of each job they are a part of.

    Compensation has not yet been determined; however, it is being determined today or tomorrow. There are no set hours, so play when you want. In down times, I will often hire employees for personal builds to keep interest.

    To hire ABC Construction, visit https://empireminecraft.com/threads/for-hire-builder-breaker-in-town-or-wild.82833/ to learn about our current pricing (subject to change).

    To apply for the job, please mail me an unsigned written book in-game or message me on forums to display your interest in the position.

    Many edits have been made. Please PM me if this breaks any rules that I'm unaware of, or if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.
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