[For Hire] Builder/Breaker in Town or Wild

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  1. Building
    The base price I charge is 60r per stack placed (1620r per SC, 3240r per DC) for relatively simple builds or repeatable patterns.
    If I am building in Utopia (not supporter right now, so no wild), I charge 50r per stack (1350r per SC, 2700r per DC).

    Complex builds such as copying structures, using a provided .litematic file, or other comparable builds will cost 150r per stack.

    If you would like any Custom Builds that I have designed (ie. Any size Item Sorter, Complex Redstone, Stone Generator, etc.), then you can send me Mail in-game or on Forums.

    (I am very quick at building with Litematica. This means I can copy for designs exactly, and never mess up.)

    Removal of blocks in Town or Waste. Prices are based on what tool is required:

    Shovel (ie. Dirt, sand) - 30r per stack (810r per SC, 1620r per DC)
    (Roughly 0.47r per block)
    PICKAXE (ie. Stone, Ice) - 35r per stack (945r per SC, 1890r per DC)
    (Roughly 0.55r per block)
    Axe (ie. Wood, melons) - 40r per stack (1080r per SC, 2160r per DC)
    (Roughly 0.63r per block)

    * Silk Touch has no bearing on price for any block
    ** +10% on price if I am unable to place my own Haste 2

    Notice: workers will generally only take Hole Digs, or comparable mass mining, when the orders are slow. We are generally more focused.

    All jobs will be estimated using Litematica's ability to count blocks. Payment does not need to be made until the job is complete.

    If there are more workers present then just me or one of my employees, it is expected that we will be compensated higher than my rates to match what everyone else is being paid (but never lower than my rates).

    Edit: Prices and more clarification.
    Edit 2: Job Clarification
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  2. I am thinking of making this a permanent business with a Construction-style res. I could even hire workers for more hours we can be open. Let me know what you think below.
  3. hmm i might want ur services in the future
  4. Sure thing. I will be online most of tomorrow.