A sad day on SMP3

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    and anyone else I may have missed for coming out and helping today!

    Today when I logged onto EMC, I decided I would go out to Tzgiles Iron Farm to use his skeleton grinder, when I found that two of his minecraft railways had been removed. At first I thought it was only the tracks, nothing too big, then Tzgiles and I took a trip to the Iron farm, to find this:

    Sadly, it can not be magically rebuilt, so I will be helping Tzgiles rebuild the farm and anything else that was destroyed, as I have used this farm for a very long time.

    If you want to help the reconstructing, go to SMP3 > /wild east and look for the nether portal near the spawn.
  2. I will happily donate towards getting this fixed out of my own pocket =)
  3. Some people...
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  4. I will never understand how people can think destroying other peoples hard earned work is fun...
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  5. Hey, look an unsupervised child (or manchild) just discovered naughty words and the internet! I bet he's a straight up gangster IRL.
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  6. lets just hope that when he appeals he wont be let back in to do more damage
  7. If you need materials donated, I'd be happy to help.
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  8. Too much griefers these days. :( I didn't even know smp3 had a skelly grinder, but now its gone. If you need any rails, I could donate to the farm.
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  9. eviltoade replaced the spawner :)
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  10. Let him appeal in a few years when he grows up. Plain ole' griefing is one thing but putting up signs with the word $$$$ all over them like he's 8 years old and just heard his first naughty word? I mean c'mon...even a griefer should have a little dignity.
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  11. I'm sorry, I have dealt with griefings a lot and none of them were as bad as this, what did those signs say anyways? Send me the original picture in a PM. It is just so sad it is that bad, I will be willing to donate towards this farm, even though I am on smp8, and if I can work my magic I can get the crew from smp8 to help you guys rebuild.
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  12. /p says that Gisaptree was last seen 51 days ago though
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  13. alt?
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  14. I can try to help.
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  15. Probably not. The player listed on the signs signed in and signed out instantly. The griefer probably tried to frame someone.
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  16. There are a few of us out at the Farm on SMP3 at the moment.
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  17. Perhaps we can look at this as a way to make the farms better, sort of like an unexpected update. :)
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  18. I will help!
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  19. I got griefed today on a different server. As soon as I found my first diamonds, they were stolen from me. The player was banned with my diamonds in his inventory. Lost my diamonds for good, but a least he learned his lesson. I wish people would t do these things.
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  20. this makes me really mad! :mad:

    u should put up a list of stuff u need and some donate chest thingie. not that i have that much stuff but im sure more ppl would donate. if u need to buy stuff then pls say so. if u need then im gonna donate some rupees to cover for that. dunno.. could 10k help?

    but pls also put up a list. i dont have much time this week to play, but id like to help where i can!
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