A question for all you bronys out there

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  1. Ok, i have a question for all the bronys in EMC:
    What IS a brony?
    If it's a male who likes my little pony, i'm a brony.....
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  2. Welcome to the herd. XD
  3. I'ma invite you to the PWnies private convo i have going.......
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  4. Why yes it is. Can I ask something? Umm... I watched my little pony but couldnt see what was so interesting about it :/
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  5. Well, I don't really know my little pony, but I think I should like it too anyways:p
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  6. I'm pretty sure there is some kind of difference between liking the show and being a brony.

    I've always seen it as you're not a brony unless you're part of the "community," though I don't know if that's accurate. Maybe it's a personal belief, you're not a brony until you acknowledge yourself as one. Nothing wrong with being one, of course, it's a good show with (some) good communities.
  7. You could not be more right with that (Some) XD
    I have seen things that cannot be unseen......always be specific with google my children.
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  8. To each their own. :D
    However at least you attempted to watch it before making a judgment.
    I cannot stand it when people say bad stuff about the show when they haven't even attempted to watch it.
    So thank you good sir you have my respect :D
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  10. I've found an interest in MLP, but I am a girl, and probably the appropriate age to like this, can I join? :D
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  11. You sure can! Brony is actually a gender neutral term you know, and there isn't really an age limit either.
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  12. Is everyone creating these ponies in their avatar or are they from the show?
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  14. They're creating them with an app that someone posted somewhere on someone else's profile.
  15. The annual ninja convention.
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  17. Can i join? my pic is the pony i named Portal, mostly because of the eyes :3
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  18. It's impossible to create something evil :mad:
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  19. I have this as my pic not just as MLP is cool but I like it, it looks cool... Can I be a brony?
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  20. Wait, are you bronies trying to invade EMC?