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  1. Hello everyone
    I am a new player to EMC, if you didn't see my intro thread, here it is: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/hello-everyone.52957/#post-953153
    I just wanted to honestly say thanks to the entire community, I was so welcomed here and I just love it so much. Everyone, has been so nice and helpful, even though I may have been asking silly questions :p
    I also wanted to how awesome these forums are! Especially the wiki, I spent about 2 hours in bed last night reading everything on the Wiki!
    Never in my life have I been on a server that has such an amazing and caring community.
    The community here is fantastic, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what the future brings!
    It's the little things like people helping me out, or simply messaging me in-game saying welcome that made me feel so welcomed, and gave me a sense of belonging.
  2. Thank you very much!
    A post like yours really helps, because well, some people think the community isn't really here anymore. You see, this server has existed since 2011, and has gone through many, many big changes back then.
    It's great to hear people still see us as the great community we've always wanted to be!
  3. Well i presume you like it here ;) I couldnt imagine EMC without the community and great staff :)
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  4. Wait, that can't be right. You're the guy who landed on smp8, so you should now be screaming for sanity and getting ready to run over to smp2. Drats, my plans have been foiled again! I would have gotten away with this if it wasn't for that server and its awesome players....


    I have no idea where that came from, I haven't been watching some Scooby Doo lately, I deny everything ;)

    Now, that is music to my ears. Thank you so much for that compliment.

    The wiki is a project maintained by staff and the contribution team. And I can say that we're doing our utmost best to keep things as easily to understand and well to the point as possible. Its more or less an ongoing effort to try and make things "better". At least add new contents whenever there's a need.

    So yah, hearing stuff like this really means a lot to me. Also because I care a great deal for the wiki.

    Remember: do not hesitate to ask or tell us if you see things in the wiki which make no sense to you (or which you think are wrong). In fact: please do! Going over that stuff dozens of times is bound to result in overlooking the obvious, it happens to all of us. SO yah...

    EMC is special, that's for sure. And yeah, it's the little things which often count the most. I agree.

    I'm really happy to learn that you're having a great time.

    Remember: if you can't play for a while then voting for the server will also reset your derelict timer. This will prevent you from going "idle" at the risk of losing your stuff.

    Hmm, I think I just got an idea for a new post 8)
  5. Well, I'm glad you like it here :D (ikr the wiki is amazing :p)
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  6. Hey there, it's great to see that you are being welcomed and are enjoying your time here! I'm also very happy to see that you're enjoying the forums and the Wiki. As Shel said, that's music to my ears! ;) If you ever see anything on the Wiki that you think needs improving, or even think of something that should be on there that isn't yet, then feel free to drop a private message on some of us Contribution Members and we'll see to it that your ideas are worked upon! :D After all, the community feedback and involvement is what makes this game and forum work so much better.

    Thank you for your feedback Abed_Films!
  7. Welcome to the Empire! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it here. :)
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