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  1. Hello,
    My name is Cool_Abed_Films, and I just joined EMC.
    I am currently on SMP8, and am enjoying it already :)
    Here is a little bit about me:
    I am 16 years old, and I live in New Zealand, I have played minecraft for well over 3 years. A friend of mine recommended this server and I decided to try it out :)
    For those who want to know, my name comes from Abed off Community, I am gonna try and get a signature set up soon :)
    One of my favourite things to do, is chat to people, so please come and talk to me, I don't bite!
  2. Welcome to EMC Fellow New Zealander!
    I hope you enjoy your time on this server!
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  3. Welcome to EMC, and here's your first like!
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  4. Oh, lucky you, you got dropped on SMP8. Anyway, welcome to EMC! *insert funny comment here*
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  5. Smp8, the power house! Welcome!
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  6. They actually allow new players to land on SMP8?! :eek:

    (sorry, I so couldn't resist that! :D)

    Don't mind me too much here ;) Lets just say that SMP8 holds a bit of a special place (positive!) on the Empire and its influence will either have you run away screaming (but resistance is futile!) or seeing you give into the awesomeness with all the (un?)desired results. And don't be fooled: even a small amount of SMP8 exposure can lead to specific behavior and/or reactions. Take for example this response, and I'm not even living there :)

    Upon time you'll never look upon fish the same again :cool:

    Still with us? Good, good ;)

    A friend huh? Well, now you can see how far their reign actually stretches out ;)

    Nah, this is awesome. Yeah, the Empire is a really nice server to be on. Its a perfect mix between vanilla based gameplay with a ton of specific enhancements added which hopefully makes your gameplay as easy or as hard as you'd like to.

    Well, I think that for that you most definitely landed on the right server :)

    Welcome to the Empire, and I hope you're going to have a great time here. Got any favorite blocks by any chance? Nothing special here, just wondering / asking. :p
  7. Welcome to the empire! hope you enjoy your stay :)
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  8. That's a hard question... but I think it would have to be Quartz! I mean, who doesn't love the smooth and soft texture of it (Okay, now it sounds like I am talking about chocolate) :p
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  9. Welcome to our wonderful server! And BlackKnight...
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  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  11. Welcome to the empire, I hope you'll have a good stay! :) Who's your friend?
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  12. CatchMeIfYouCan_
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  13. Welcome to the Empire Cool_Abed_Films!
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  14. Welcome to Emc, Cool_Abd_Films! I hope you enjoy the server. :D
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  15. Welcome to the Empire Cool. You are on smp8, so what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Enjoy your stay. :)

  16. dude Kia Ora your are a fellow New Zealander like me
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