A note to all Bonus Chest buyers

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  1. Please be extremely careful when buying bonus chests. There ARE ways for people to know what items are in a chest before they open it, and there's nothing stopping them selling you only chests with fairly worthless stuff in (eg: obsidian, TNT). It's a really bad idea to buy a chest "that definitely contains a supporter voucher" too - have the person open the chest themselves, then buy the voucher off them.

    If you suspect you've been scammed, report it in the usual way, but obviously, you need to protect yourself with this sorta thing.
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  2. Most buyers are buying to collect and have them sitting there for a very long time and then sell them for a major profit in the distant future.

    But there are those few that you mentioned :p
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  3. I was waiting for someone to say this!
  4. how can you tell whats in them before you open them?
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  5. That's irrelevant.
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  6. The best way to find out is to open all of them.
  7. Knew I saw a meme for this at one time... :p
  8. I'm sure if you ask around you can find out rather easily his to tell. You would have to have quite a few to tell and there are some that you are very unlikely to know what is in them anyways
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  9. I was going to point this out until I saw this:
    and I assumed that it should be as hidden as possible. We do not want more people to find out about it and use it to their advantage.
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  10. :oops:

    I completely overlooked that part, but fortunately others did not. In the mean time I also quickly briefly altered another one of my posts so that it doesn't give away too much info.

    Thanks for the heads up.
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  11. Bonus chests are not permitted to be sold. As the buyer cannot know for sure what is in it all sales are forbidden at this time. ~MrSocks75
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  12. I wish you good luck in enforcing this lol.
  13. so, if i have a name of someone who had asked to buy chests off of me for 1,000 rupees each? is that an attempted scam even though i just ignored them?
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  14. lel ive already bought 30 come at me brah
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  15. I wouldn't take it too seriously as there is no given economy range, But if you do see anyone buying/selling please warn them.
  16. ive already bought a stack and a half m8 Bro 1, economy 0
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