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  1. Brace yourselves everybody! The greatest feature to ever arrive in Minecraft is HERE!


    Say hello to this sexy block in Vanilla Minecraft

    Say goodbye to this less attractive block in Vanilla Minecraft

    The Stone Slab Era has arrived.
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  2. omg just think of how good they will look beside iron blocks omg :D
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  3. first... FINALLY, IT'S HERE!! well.... not here YET
    edit: second
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  4. Is this a new feature in 1.8? If so, awesome!
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  5. .... Sad. It was my favorite design really
  6. agreed, pretty much the entire reason i use double slabs together in places :(
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  7. *sploosh*
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  8. b4dman5imon will go absolutely crazy over this =)
  9. I like both so much :( Wish they made it so you can just craft double slab blocks and not just when you put 2 together.
  10. Give us a command to spawn in the old design! (if the texture still exists :p)
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  11. Stone slabs are the most majestic item in the game.
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  12. Same! I love the new variant, but I'll miss the old. :)/:(
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  13. <-- Starts buying all the Stone Slabs...
  14. Aw... It's not bad. I'll see if I as a Farmer has need of such a block.
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  15. can anyone confirm by upgrading old world if the old texture still works and it only applies to new?
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  16. Yep! I went onto the new snapshot where I already had 2 slabs in the world, and they stayed with the line between them. I made sure to stack two other slabs to check if I was in the right version, and those made the combined block so looks like old ones still get the old texture.

    Here's a picture of them together

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  17. so we can sell either an item that places as old format, or add a setting that makes all placements in old or new.
  18. Heck Yeah!!!!!
  19. Could you make this a perk for supporters/cosmetics or not
  20. I am outraged by this. We are missing out on so many more sexy blocks! Smooth sandstone. Seamless Stone Slab as of 1.7.9, and you finally want to implement the ability to place only one of blocks that will be soon removed?!?! I vote that we bring the 2 blocks back so we do not miss any blocks.