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what do YOU think of it?

Yes, this would be nice to add. 58 vote(s) 93.5%
Na, not a emc thing 4 vote(s) 6.5%
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  1. Well.. we have PVP, FIREFLOOR, MOB ARENA, MINING ACTIVITIES. But don't YOU think its time to add something new? I suggest that our community will add a mega maze that will be open only on Tuesdays. It will have tons of activities in one maze including: parkour, traps, and mob fighting all stuffed together. This mega maze will be located on utopia. The point of the maze: there will be 100 areas that when you cross one you will get One Point, if you collected 1 - 50 point you get random vanilla stuff, now from 51 - 100 you might get very rare promos. This does sound like a event but Im really hoping that our community will make this mega maze a EMC protected area. tell me what you think! xD
  2. +1 sounds great!
  3. Hrm... dunno about the area stuff but I do like the idea behind a mob maze of sorts.
  4. I like it. :)
  5. The staff have been working on new events... Elfin had a defend the castle event, Eviltoade hosted a parkour event and a wool event, and a death event. I just wish these new events would be added every week. That would be awesome. :)
  6. Oo a maze in which u get chased by enraged zombies and last one standing wins
    This way if u run into a dead end u gotta be quick at running or burning lol
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  7. Also sorry +1
  8. +1

    Honestly, if this was built well enough: IE the community taking the time and effort to build something awesome, I think that Krysyy would actually consider making it an EMC owned plot.

    Having said that, the only issue I see right now is how you would spawn mobs? If this is a player ran event, it would be impossible to do in town. If you were to have a staff member help, and if you had one designated area, MUCH like MobArena, then we could spawn in some mobs as part of the "maze," and tally points based on killing performance / survival. Otherwise, having the other points tallied wouldn't be too difficult: just have renamed items dispensed at the end of say the parkour part. EX. Parkour Token - Medium Difficulty - something like that.

    Anyhow, I like the idea and would donate for sure - I have also been toying with new events myself - Having done MobArena to death, I branched out a little with Rainbow Dash and Smack that Toade, *edit and a parkour (as mentioned above) but I'm still looking for something even better.

  9. *Puking rainbows*
    That's an awesome idea, but realistically, if we wait for staff to do all this by themselves it would take forever. It'd be much easier for someone (or a group of people) to build it and then pitch the idea to the staff, like Toade said.
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  10. Isn't that what the build team's for? To build stuff for events such as this? IE Mob Arena, Creature Capture and Firefloor?

    Might be a chance for the BT to show their faces again.
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  11. Honestly I'm not exactly sure what BT is working on, however, what I do know (for a fact) is they work on long term LARGE projects that take months and sometimes a year to complete. Unfortunately they can't even tell us what they are working on because their projects are super secret and meant to be a surprise to the community. Anyhow, <3
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  12. It sounds like a great idea. Emc does need new events for those of us that cant jump, run or fight even if their life depended on it. I am thinking of making a weekly event soon, too. +1
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  13. This really sounds cool! I love doing mazes, and this has some interesting ideas to mix up the formula a little. Someone really needs to build this now. Of course a normal member wouldn't be able to spawn mobs, but you never know if a staff would pick it up.

  14. what I heard from people is that this is a great idea(except for a couple of people) and that BT aint gona move a finger to do something because they are working on something big n secret that takes a lot of time to make and are not ready to get distracted by some very awesome ideas(pardon if offended D:] ).So why not some very good builders, planers, and redstone masters team up and create this idea. Im planing to host a drop party today from in which ill have a extra res, so I could clame another res on utopia. If anyone else is ready to give one of their res's ill really appreciate, also donations will be accepted too.
  15. I hope this becomes a thing! +1
  16. oh man, late for the bump xD
  17. Sounds good to me :p
  18. Well, make it happen ;)
    A good suggestion, but there needs to be someone who chooses to lead the project and make sure it gets done.
    The build team has enough to do, I think. Couldn't you be the director of the project, you think?