A Moose Birthday!!! (with pigs)

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Just thought I would just give an update on Moose and I's lives...
    It's moose's Birthday tomorrow so tonight we celebrated with his cookie cake =)
    moose bday (768x1024).jpg
    Happy B-DAY MOOSEY!!!
    (and yes, that's a pig, not a moose, but moose likes pigs)
  2. Happy Birthday moose!
  3. Happy birthday!
  4. Happy birthday!!!!!!!
  5. Happy b-day :D
  6. Happy Birthday! :)
  7. happy birthday moose!
  8. Happy birthday :D!
  9. Happy birthday to thee,
    Be careful, I see,
    ICC in a tree,
    with a DC of TNT.

  11. Happy birthday moose! :D
  12. Happy birthday Moose!!!!!!!!!! :DDD
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  13. I approve this message. ;)
  14. Have a glorious celebration of the anniversary of your arrival oh elk one.
  15. Happy Birthday! ;)
  16. happy b-day
  17. Thanks everyone! In a bit (probably a few hours) I'll post the context for why there's an angry birds pig on my cake.
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  18. Happy B-Day And Happy Birthday! :)