A mining story...

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  1. I blame you Chobit!

    I was mining in the wastelands with my entire mining set up (Enderchest, Fortune 3 Pick, Silk Touch Pick, Eff. 4 Pick) and ended up getting blown up by a creeper, when I got back to the spot, 90% of my items had ended up in the lava. I lost 50 Diamonds, two stacks of iron ore, and a few stacks of coal, as well as all my picks.

    It sucked, but I'm going to rebuy all of my equipment and go back out tomorrow.

    What is your worst mining story?
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  2. I had 2 stacks of quartz ore and a lot of nether hounds suddenly attacked me and i died, since then I've been using an enderchest...
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  3. I always put my diamonds in my enderchest when I hit a full stack.
  4. I have never died while mining.... PROT4 armor OP. Srsly.
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  5. My absolute worst mining story... Here it goes!

    Earlier today I was mining for quartz. I logged out to read the forums for a bit. When I came back 15 minutes later, I went in a loop for a few minutes after getting lost.

    Seriously though, I haven't died mining* in as long as I can remember.

    *I die in singleplayer worlds all the time. Then again, I don't play singleplayer. So... is that called a paradox?
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  6. That is me when im mining nether quartz, "Wasnt I just here?!"
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  7. Today more than others. I only got 15 stacks or so (which is pitiful). What I like to do is go from one outpost to another and restock there. I passed the same place at least half a dozen times today.

    Edit: ignore this post. I cannot word my posts correctly on mobile.

    Edit: Fixed ;)

    Today I got lost more than others. I went in a circle a few dozen times before realizing my mistake.

    What I do to prevent that is go from one outpost to another. Or just go in a certain radius from the outpost and circle around it.
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  8. Tried moving to the wild one time so I loaded my whole inventory with diamond tools, Diamond blocks, iron blocks etc. ( before ender chests existed ) and i died in the nether and lost everything! Made me quit EMC for quite a while. :p
  9. It would seem a small dent now, wouldn't it? :p
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  10. He would probably do it on purpose now a days.
  11. I always put my diamonds in my ender chest when I hit... one. I'll let you know if I ever reach a whole stack of 'em. :p
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  12. I'd probably laugh it off nowadays. :p
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  13. Fortune 3 bud.
  14. Worst mining experience in two words:


    In all serious though, it was probably a nether trip not so long ago (Around January) where I learned about waste world borders. I was in the middle of the nether spamming enderpearls to go farther out and find fresh quartz fields but wasn't paying attention to my coords. One enderpearl I threw and then got spammed in chat with the message "You can't go here" (Or something along those lines). I then tried moving and threw more enderpearls and then was rewarded by being teleported into the void and was harassed and killed by it. When I tried to get meh friend ChickenButler to go get my stuff, he was void killed too. We RainbowChin contacted and he was able to get Butler's stuff but not mine as it despawned. Ever since then when I go quartz mining, I don't exceed 3,500 blocks lol.=P

    Edit: Another terrible mining experience was after I first joined and the 2013 Christmas promo came out. I went out mining with Butler but wasn't used to riding horses that much. Long story short I was at the bottom of the Ocean with my Rudolph with no clue about /stable. RIP Rudolph...
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  15. So Rudolph can fly, but not swim.
  16. Well, there was a time (and that time was every time! :p) that I went into a cave system with the intention to mine. I brought with me an expensive pick, diamond gear, and a good amount of supplies. I quickly gathered several diamonds, gold ingots, and other goodies, filling my inventory with happiness. However, fate decided that eventually the Hashhog Mining Method would have to bite me in the butt somehow:
    The Hashhog Mining Method ©
    1. Get a bunch of half-decent to awesome gear.
    2. Dive into some random cave.
    3. Travel around randomly, mining any ores you find.
    4. Realize that you are hopelessly lost.
    5. Try to dig to the surface, only for your pick to break a tenth of the way in.
    6. Proceed to run around the cave system in a blind panic.
    7. Slip into lava and die.
    8. Repeat every single time you go mining.
  17. How could that flawless method fail?
  18. Last weekend, I mined upwards and unleashed gravel. I was able to dig out, just in time to be pushed into lava. Goodbye, PVP sword...
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  19. Rest
    Pool of lava and hatred
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