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Minecraft gamma question

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  1. Hello, I have a question, I am thinking of changing my gamma brightness in the .minecraft\options, the gamma to 1000.0, but I don't know if that is approved, It said so mods of full bright, but this is not a mod, but an ordinary option. Is it allowed?
  2. Yes, as its a normal in-game option and not a mod.
  3. You Cant Change The Brightness In The Minecraft Files, You Can Only Change It In Game
  4. you change it by going to "%appdata%" 'Roaming" ".minecraft" "options" and change the gamma to "1000.0
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  5. Could you show a screenshot on how it would look like?
  6. Here if you want the file pictures let me know. :)

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  7. What about when underground and there's no light source?

    It seems as if its day 24/7 so I'd start a conversation with a mod or wait for them to respond here, shouldn't take long.

    EDIT: Also I tried doing it myself to see but couldn't find it, is it hidden?
  8. I don't think there's an options folder in .minecraft :confused: Are you sure you don't have a mod installed?
  9. %appdata% > local > .minecraft > options.txt

    4th setting is Gamma. It's default is 1.0. You edit that to 10.0, or 1000.0 (both are the same, as it is only a scale of 1-10) and it makes you have full bright.

    It's not a mod, but an option in the main Minecraft file.

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  10. This modification to the client is (currently) not permitted
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  11. Really? I once asked the same question and i believe i was told it was ok by chickeneer. Just want to clerify that it is or isnt now?
  12. I am still not sure why it would be illegal. It is just a regular Minecraft option.
  13. The GammBright mod currently isn't allowed, so for now, neither is this :) http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/disallowed-mods/
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  14. I have been told by krysyy that this is under discussion.
  15. I am wondering why this (and the mod) aren't allowed. Both of these simply turn a vanilla feature and make it more powerful. There is no real advantage gained by doing either of these other than being able to see in darkness. Using the default brightness slider already makes a completely dark cave at least mostly visible. This could possible be considered a disadvantage for the player because it will be harder to identify night and unlit caves.
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  16. like +10,000,000
  17. Shall we allow speedhacks then?
  18. but speed isn't an option that can be changed without potions or commands. This is just brightness that can be adjusted more than the bar in-game
  19. I am not sure what the part you quoted has to do with speedhacks. Where can I adjust the speed of Minecraft in vanilla without 3rd party programs?
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