A little thing I'm working on.

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  1. Questions are welcomed. This is the beginning of an upcoming project.
  2. Is this gonna be on ur res or something or is this gonna be an outpost of some sort
  3. I will construct this in the Wild, of an undisclosed server, once I have finished designing it.
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  4. I'll help build it
  5. You can edit a post, don't double post please
    Question for Volt: What is this? Looks like teleports or spawns to something
  6. Looks familiar...
  7. What would the big ring be for
  8. That's the female sign in pokemon games :/
  9. It is the female sign in general.
  10. I noticed the resemblance myself! It will be less clear once the other pathways and stuff are built :)

    It won't be a ring, it's an incomplete floor :)
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  11. It also kind of looks like an ankh, the symbol for life
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  12. Looks like an ankh or something.
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  13. That's what I said
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  14. The stone floor is complete!
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  15. So tell me when you will start building this on empire
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  16. You shall hear :)
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  17. I'm excited c: You soooooo should put it on SMP7 :D Oooooooooooooo yayyyyyyy....

    EDIT: Sorry.... I was a little excited for this project xD
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  18. This will be I n the wild, right? Lots of torches for creepers, but where will the minecart rails lead? To an outpost?
  19. I overlooked this question :oops:
    The part with the green wool will serve as the entry point to the wild settlement. The log panels will be bulletin boards for signs and the like.
    The larger stone floor will be a castle.

    The rails will lead from the edge of a Frontier outpost up to this structure :)

    When I finish designing the castle and the like :)