A little puzzle.

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  1. I'va got a little puzzle for you:

    There is a man, who lives in an apartment on the highest floor, the 12th. Every morning he goes straight down with the elevator, and goes to his job, about the normallest job in the world. every evening when it's not raining, or when the wind blows powerful, he goes up with the elevator to the 8th floor, and does the last four floors with the stairs, but, if there are more people in the elevator, he does go straight up to the 12th. But he doesn't when it's the man from the 8th floor.
    In his apartment he has got three refrigerators. He lives alone, but he has got two chairs in his sitting room in case of guests, one chair for him, one for the guest, he always sits in his own chair, because he doesn't want to sit in the guest's chair, and the guest doesn't want to sit in his chair.

    This all sounds really strange right, well, if you change It one word, it will all become quite logical, but which word do I have to change in what? (You'd of corse need to tell some explanation for one thing in the first paragraph, it still would not be that logic, but quite logic...)

    (I have thought half of it myself, but if you did already know the one I changed it will be really easy, so, please don't tell if you did already know that one)

    Have fun :)
  2. The man is short and can only press 7th floor button. So he has to walk the rest of the floors to go to his apartment. But when there's people in the elevator, he simply asks them to press the 10th floor button. On a rainy day, he uses his umbrella to press the button.[/spoiler/
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  3. If you just thought that, you're smart... (Please put in in a spoiler btw :) )

    Or is this one really well known in the US? I have no nice heard it from a teacher who said she thought it her self (not that I did beleve her...)
    Or am I just really bad at those, that I needed about a day to understand...
  4. Sorry had to type kinda fast, In class, and my teacher went over that question in grade 7 around 7-8 years ago... :p Oh and live in Canada as it says on my profile...
  5. Wow, in the Netherlands bairly anyone seemed to know it... And, Canadian, they're for me just like Americans, but than without guns...
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