A First for Me`

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  1. 2013-11-23_21.42.42.png
    Been around for quite a while. Decided to finally break 1 Million Rupees.

    And NO!, I will not be doing a give-away now.
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  2. congra... *IcC shows up with 2 billion rupees* "What now?!"
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  3. Does this post warrant a donation of 500k from you? :p
  4. Congratulations Chicken :D
  5. *Wonders if it has anything to do with all the iron he bought*
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  6. Woah, congratulations!
  7. I didn't buy any iron... I sold a bit though... Let me run an EMC Shop Keeper For all of the Iron I have ever sold.
  8. I meant all the iron I bought, I was just speaking from a different point of view. :p
  9. ahh.
  10. I can spend a bit can't I?
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  11. Who gave you the millionth?
  12. Has anyone else notice the the little "`" after the title?
    Setting off my OCD lol.... :oops:
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  13. Nah.
  14. Congrats KFC
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  15. I do want to know.
  16. You sould sell Cooked chicken... You would be at 5mil by now :p
  17. "a bit"...
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  18. Congrats Chickeneer! So what are you going to do now that you are a millionaire?