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Include Changes?

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  1. Here are my ideas:

    The use of the Games thing at emc's spawn: The little teleport thing could teleport anyone to a Mini-game hub.
    The games can include Spleef, Archery (I guess), Mazes, and other Mini-Games.
    January's Promo Item:
    The January Promo Item can be a Firework (Not any normal one). This special firework can make rainbow patterns and random colors. To honor the new year.
    Enraged Mob Stats:
    Enraged mobs could have different stats like:
    Zombie: Hits like a truck and slow
    Skeleton: Moves faster, has less HP, and slower shot speed (but powerful)
    Creeper: Slow, Devastating explosion.
    Creeper Boss ( The Creeper Jockey)
    Rides on a Spider that's immune to explosions
    Wears a Pumpkin on his head
    Can shoot snowballs
    The Spider is fast, but does no damage.
    New PvP arenas
  2. Please give credit if these ideas are considered, even if some of it is changed.
  3. How would you make rainbow patterned fireworks?
    What's wrong with the current enraged mobs?
    The games server is already planned, that's what the teleport is soon to be for.
    What theme would you want the new arenas to have?
    The Creeper Boss seems a bit weird to me.
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  4. For the creeper boss, have a creeper (charged and invisible) who launches small explosives.
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  5. Dude everything might not be added, and sometimes things might change.
  6. I can only assume that they plan on making the teleport teleport to the Games World/Server.
    We usually have a firework that does random effects per use. I do not know if this is possible, but you never know.
    This is an idea that could be expanded upon. Instead of adding this to our current mobs, why not add another unique mob species with these special ability? Example: Specialized Zombie, Specialized Creeper
    Also: How would you do a slow, devastating explosion?
    Well, that is one weird creeper. I do not think that Aikar can make it shoot Snowballs unless he adds an invisible snow golem or something on it.
    Sorry to say, but I am not really a fan of this idea in particular.
    Planned for the new Games Server/World
  7. The snow golem might lag players with bad computers, because it can generate snow and might create a lag spike. This can leave the player vulnerable and kill them. . . lets turn the snow golem into a invisible skeleton instead.
    The Iday firework has different patterns, but not different colors. Patterns can change probably not colors.
    Slowness one probably and the creeper could have 2 enraged creeper explosions, not the fire one the HUGE one.
  8. Colors can change, take the old Empire Firework, they changed colors and patterns each time.
    Yes, this isn't technically 'rainbow' but meh, it's close enough... Unless they have figured out new firework manipulation methods... xD
  9. Honestly, I think that the minigames sound really fun and that would be a great idea!
  10. Minigames were already planned, they are going to be on a separate server...
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  11. Oh ok sorry I didn't know that.