A farewell to the Kingdom of Hyrule

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  1. Thanks the extensive griefing damage, the Kingdom of Hyrule is officially no more.

    PM me if you are interested to take ownership of the outpost, or got any question about it.

    Bye, people.
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  2. That truly is a shame. I hope you reported the griefers. Remember anything is fixable no matter what it seems.
  3. as co-owner and with permission of lauwenmark i will be clearing out some stuff there
    so staff
    hereby know
    im not griefing
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  4. As one of the founders of GRIP => what was griefed and what materials are required to fix this?

    Is there a way to visit and look at the damage? Has it been reported? Can you perhaps PM me a location?

    GRIP is a non-profit organization set up by players to help players who got griefed. And this seems like a job for us; This is why we exist.

    EDIT: Please see PM.
  5. Hyrule :( I'm so sorry that this happened.
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  6. I am sorry to hear that your kingdom has been invaded and ripped to shred's by a cowardly enemy.

    As I have reported greifing and missing thing's from chest in my experience. They don't track very much stuff and what they do track from what I have seen is only things that are destroyed, When they do catch the person your still out those item's and most of the time the perp only gets a warning, If they even catch them. I have come to see that unless you build a base 100K+ blocks out where it takes hours (real time) to travel to your outpost your never truly safe.

    The thing that has kept me here on EMC is my family,the custom item's, & custom mob's. With the new update's to the miniboss drops & fights, the only thing keeping me here now is family. The server is now becoming filled with the item's that took players time to get. I have started searching for another server ( Which, No doubt will be hard to find a good replacement for EMC ) but I'm hoping that they will track placed and destroyed blocks a bit better. To better protect there players from greifers and the server hopefully will not have nerfed so many of the vanilla setting's like XP, Spawn distance's, & Entity activation ranges.

    So with this said I think I to will say good bye to the good people of EMC. ( Right after i contact Someone about a drop party. :p )
  7. Wait..... You're leaving?
  8. Yes, Contacting Bite me as i type this about borrowing his drop party room to give away everything i own in-game.. ncluding toothpick, voucher's, promo's, marlix stuff,
  9. Can I take anything ? I know where it is .
  10. I hate to see you go :( Hope you have a good life though. You should do an exclusive DP where it's you dropping and me collecting. Lol. Sorry about this though. :(
  11. I would like to take ownership of no one else has
  12. I feel terrible I can't believe ppl griefed it I wish i could have seen it
  13. I have never heard of this outpost what is it?
  14. Sorry to hear that :( I hope you build a new kingdom bigger, stronger, and griefer protected ;)
  15. I feel bad for you man... I know how it is when someone comes and destroys and crushes your stuff... I know this isn't time for jokes, but I hope this makes you feel better... Or at least makes you laugh or smile a bit...

    Griefers on Hyrule be like
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  16. I sent a PM earlier asking if I would be able to absorb it into my outpost, rebuild it, (maybe) open it to public once it has been restored to former glory. Also, I was planning on fixing up the netherrail because it has not been well disguised, from what I heard.
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  17. I reported the griefer/s lauwenmark dont give up plz all the hard work you put into that dont let the griefers win NEVER LET EM WIN
  18. I would like you to know if you didn't that there a bunch of kingdoms and towns so you would be doing us all a huge favor
  19. If you change your mind and decide you don't want to leave, let me know and I'll come help you rebuild.
  20. And also I will help you with anything you need because two is better than one