A complete travel guide to EMC Residences by Khalietal, Social-Hermit.

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  1. Good day EMC, I am here to announce a project I want to do. But first let me present myself to you who knows me and those who don't.

    I am a unique kind of player in EMC. I am what I like to call myself a Social-Hermit. I like to socialize with players, share in forum debates and stories, show myself, but I am quite a timid person/player. I went in the wild to live far far away from civilization in an attempt to keep my creations untouched by the public. So in shorter, simpler description: I like to be an observer, but not the observed.

    Being so gave me a very distinct taste in Minecraft creation and general interests that puts me apart from the average player. I am not describing myself that way to boast "my uniqueness" but to state my understating of my current disposition.

    Ok, back to main subject! Sorry for the headaches! My project is very simple, but will take me a long long time to accomplish and I will need support of EMC as a whole. I want to visit every single Town residences. In doing so, I will take notes, I will explore as much as I can, and I will digest what I see and make very opinionated description of what I find (only in a positive manner. I am not here to banter about things I do not like or agree with.)

    Quite often I will end up facing walls of restricted residences. With time and permissions, I would like to get permission of owners to come in and visit those restricted residences even if restrained to certain areas of the residences. As a social hermit, I am but very aware of the will of players to keep some privacy and will respect owners who do not want to be disturbed in their urban lifestyle.

    My goal is to acquire knowledge and wisdom in the skill of socializing AND living with the civilization of EMC as a whole. At the same time, I will explain what I see, what I hear, what I learn and what I feel. I hope for this project to be a kind of living novel of sort. You can understand that for this project to work, I will need as much cooperation as possible from the EMC community.

    What will come out of this massive project that I give myself is a very cool end product!! I will effectively expose all players that want to be seen that lack the knowledge or power to do so out of not being known or not having enough time to do so. Also, I will point out every single hidden gems that people don't know about and some that they do, but with a unique set of eyes.

    To explain the way I intend to work my way thru, here is an explanation of my procedure of exploration. I will start with residence number 1 and finish with the last one of Utopia. That simple. Then, when I find a restricted residence that doesn't let me walk in, I will note it and later on PM the owner to ask for a special temporary permit for exploration/guide of their residence to their discretion.

    I will post this way:

    I will explore the 1st row of residence of the 1st server as seen on the SMP map and make a story of my trip.
    Next post, I will explore the second row. On and on and on..
    Once a SMP is completely explored, I will make a Summary of my favorites and my discoveries.
    In the end, I hope this will become some kind of travel guide for the new players as well as the old crusty ones.

    I hope this becomes a success :)

    This present thread is open for discussion, ideas, suggestions and for banters too if required to make your day thru :p

  2. Instead of going through residence numbers, you could go through the members list, starting with the most active players (TEXP list).
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  3. So much colors, hurts my eyes.. :p Anyway, good luck with your journey across every single residence... D:
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  4. Seems like it could be really cool.
    ^ this may be a better way of doing it though.
    Good luck
  5. I agree with the effectivness doing so. But also, doing so makes the exploration unfair et biaised to already popular players. One of the boon in my approach is systematicly viewing everyone's effort.
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  6. I'll see ya in a few years ;)
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  7. im looking forward 2 read ur stories!
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  8. What SMP are you? Smp 9?

    As for timeframe with everything happening in my life,(which is freaking exciting but crazy time consuming) I think my whole project might take more than a year, given for example that I go thru 1 row of town once a week. I'll have to count how many rows there is in a single town. Maybe sometimes some rows will take longer or not. Well, that is going to be fun! I already started yesterday.
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  9. good luck, I guess you will see some of my residences on the start of your trip, if you just coult like residence numbers my first residences would be 769-754 but I guess there is only placed something at one of them, so it'll be easy there :)
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  10. There is 45 rows on smp 1- 9 and 31 rows on Utopia. One a week it will take you 7.8 years to do smp 1-9.
    This will keep ya busy. :D
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  11. Yess!!! That's exactly what I was looking for...

    A time capsule of EMC.. Seared in the forums forever.
    I will have to find a good way to produce lots of screenshots too. Imgur seems up to the task. As screenshots on the go, I guess Gimp will edit those well enough.

    I might have to double up on the row munching.. maybe 2 rows a week
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  12. As someone from SMP9 it will be a longggggg time till you get to my res xD
  13. I really like this idea!
    I doubt this project will be completed and of course residences you already passed will change too, but I think this has the potential to be really interesting anyway! :)
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  14. Awesome....I'm currently in the process of building my mansion for it to become my main res for storing all my items. I'll gladly take you on a tour when I've finished it and you've come around to the res number.
  15. Perhaps you could make a good mix - take life TEXP, but bump up players on the monthly TEXP at the end of each month. Or take top of the monthly TEXP at end of the month and add few from life TEXP.
    Perhaps allow players and/or residences to be suggested for a visit in this thread and combine all of that.

    This way, I think, you can get to interesting places faster and you won't miss many of them. If you need years to complete the project, many interesting places will be long gone before you get to them. 90% of the players that were "already popular" 2 years ago are already inactive / gone.

    I'd also think about getting help - perhaps to form a group of people who will fast-scan the towns and make a list of residences to visit.
  16. Sort of sounds like a Bear Grylls adventure to me
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  17. My Res ( 10772 ) Has just been reset, and Is incomplete but I am building the Alice In Wonderland Tree :)
  18. I disagree with the TEXP method, I'd really like it the way he's planning to do it now.
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  19. I like the ideas. They aren't bad at all but it might make things more eratic in my exploration. I will attempt my way in SMP1 and see how that goes. From what I find and how people enjoy reading my posts, I will make changes to my process as needed.

    Yesterday I carried out my first exploration. I... Effectively covered 8 residences plots in an hour lol. I was victim of my own socialisation needs when a couple friends loged in in my area. Things went from determined to laughing none stop. Hihihi

    Nonetheless, I did some progress, collected screentshot samples and written quite a few paragraphs already. I might get more time to finish my first couple rows today orr later this evening. Can't wait to get it all rolling.

    Stay tuned my friends. I will post the link to the thread once open.
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  20. my res. are locked but i give u access. pls: no talk about puzzles or stuff u see.

    I'll also 'convince' shelly to add u to his res too. Some tnt works awesomely!
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