A Collection Of Poems by iNachos10: It's Spring, Herobrine is here, Mysteries of the Creeper, etc.

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  1. It's Spring, oh, hear the robin sing!
    Is this a real thing? It's Spring!
    Watch as the flowers bloom, Summer is coming soon!
    Look at the baby raccoon, like the ones in animated cartoons!
    This caterpillar is in it's cocoon!
    Oh, look, it's a butterfly, soaring into the sky!
    But, oh, watch as the seasons go by!
    I wonder why?
    Spring won't last long as time goes by, so say goodbye!

    Herobrine is here.
    You've got a lot to fear.
    Losing all your stuff, when It's really tough.
    That really sucks.
    Herobrine is here.
    Lurking in the shadows, watching you at night.
    He's got something to bite tonight.
    What a fright!
    No, It'll be alright.
    Because your gonna die tonight.

    The life of a creeper is such a crime,
    always wasting their time.
    They'd rather blow you up, since
    killing you all the time ain't enough.
    Kill you? That's on their list.
    Why do they even exist?
    Hiding in the shadows, lurking in the night,
    they can't be missed and will always pick up a fight.
    Maybe there just trying to be polite, or maybe they just
    aren't that bright.
    They sure don't want hugs, or any kind of love, sort of.
    We'll never know what purpose they have right now,
    but I wonder how and why these green monsters exist,
    and why do they even hiss?
    Little green monsters, waiting, watching at night,
    no doubt about it, the creepers are
    gonna getcha tonight.

    Block by block, wasting your time.
    Of course, your in a mine.
    Mining away the day, in that cave.
    You must be really brave.
    Creepers over there, enderman everywhere.
    Your getting shot! By that skeleton!
    Run, run, run, oh, how much fun
    are the creepers having right now?
    Killing you, boom, hiss, pow!
    Block by block, wasting your time.
    Of course, your in a mine.
    Get outta that cave, shouldn't you know?
    The creepers are getting on your toes.
    Catching up to you, what will you do know?
    Only a diamond pickaxe, a diamond sword, some iron ore,
    a little bit of redstone, and a few blocks of some gold ore.
    Oh, what a chore, mining all those ores.
    Oh, look! Found another cave!
    Well, aren't you brave.
    Block by block, wasting your time...
    Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss... KABOOM!
    I warned Steve, but he never listened...
    Now, stop hissing!

    Poem: Just Run!
    Mining in the dark,
    my pickaxe just broke into shards.
    What will I do, after this I'm through!
    This is really tough to chew.
    What can I do?
    Charged creeper in front of my face,
    what a disgrace.
    So I jumped through a portal,
    well, why not?
    This is all I've got.
    Zombie Pigmen eating my brain,
    i'm insane.
    Running at high speed,
    ghasts throwing fireballs
    like a mighty steed,
    at quite a fast speed.
    Run, run, run,
    just go!
    Oh, look, just found some
    Oh, no!
    Fell in lava,
    what a trauma.

    Poem: This is Me
    This is me, how
    I should be.
    I'm perfectly carefree.
    Look into my eyes,
    won't you be surprised.
    I'm huge, I'm mean,
    I'm tougher than you.
    I can beat you up, too.
    Watch as I soar through the sky,
    flying by.
    An Enderdragon like me,
    gets what he wants.
    Even if I have to taunt someone
    to get my loot,
    I'm tougher than an old mooshroom.
    Attack me, fight me.
    I'm a he, not a she.
    Ready to roll, soaring through the sky,
    Wanna know something?
    Go put your diamond armor on,
    because your about to die.

  2. A collection of some poems made by me! More poems to be made and added soon! :) iNachos10: Writer in training
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  3. I do have a talent for writing poems, and stories. Hope you had a fun time reading my poems! Which poem was your favorite? :) Hope you like them!
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  4. Just made a new poem! Hope you guys like it! :D Remember to comment on what you think about it!
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  5. Can you at least tell me what you guys think? I'd really like to know. :p
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  6. Thanks! Hint: The next one will be about a certain dragon that lives in The End... ;)
  7. Ohh! One about a zombie pigman!
  8. Zombie pigman? Hmmmmm... idk.
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  10. New Poem: This is Me!
  11. Don't worry. I'll start working on a zombie pigman poem soon. :D
  12. Awesome poems!
  13. Cool... I might need to start another collection. Trying to post the pigman poem, but I guess it uses too many characters.
  14. Woah... 79 views and only 2 people told me what they think about the poems... I still would like to know what everyone thinks of my poems.