2nd Collection of Poems by iNachos10: Infected, etc.

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  1. Poem: Infected
    Some pigmen say that
    we came from lightning,
    or an apple falling onto our
    heads, saying that was the
    fate of the zombie pigmen.
    But I think, as a zombie pigman,
    they are quite wrong.
    This, I think, is what should belong
    on those newspapers, articles,
    and wiki's of all sorts.
    After all, I'm the only zombie pigman
    who wears shorts.
    One day, out of
    the old, a young pig
    was bitten by a zombie.
    The pig bled and bled, until
    confirmed dead.
    Another pig, decided to go
    to see what was up.
    The pig he had sent,
    hadn't come back in months.
    So, the pig, went on his way,
    which took two days to come to the little village spot.
    Well, he thought, why not?
    When he finally arrived, he decided
    to steal some carrots and some leaves,
    like a pig thief.
    As he turned his back, he got attacked.
    A zombie had bitten the pig,
    but the pig never noticed and went back to
    his normal routines.
    Making sure he doesn't get seen.
    When he went back to camp,
    he was dead.
    Unfortunately, for the pigs he touched,
    the zombie plague spread very much.
    And thus, zombie pigmen were born.
    Vowing to never touch zombies in their free time,
    since they'd rather spend some quality time killing
    players of all types, with a golden sword and a pocket knife.