800 days - Trading my head

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  1. 800 days woo :D I just did something for 2 years not too long ago, but as I am building a head showcase res soon I may as well tie this into something :p So for the next few days I will be trading my head for YOUR head. Feel free to mail me a head of yours or throw it to me in-game, and I'll start farming my head to give to you all.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 8.32.59 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 8.33.21 PM.png

    *If you are one of those people who don't like to have their head in circulation but you still want a head of mine we can work something out.*
  2. (Read in italian voice) Woot Ia needa your heada
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  3. *dies too many times*
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  4. Congrats on 800 Days, and thanks for the Head!
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  5. Congrats on the 800 days! :)
  6. Does have to be my head?
  7. Congratz btw and thanks for the head!
  8. What SMP will this display be on? I just finished my head museum. :3
  9. Either smp2 or smp3, but it won't be a normal head display :p Head parkour is something I've had in mind for a long time
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  10. Hey hey hey I got those heads for you I feel special :D
  11. Congrats on 800 days! :D
  12. Congratz! I'll mail you my head when I can get on :p
  13. Congratuations on 800 days Sam. :D
    Ill mail you my head right now.
  14. I don't have my own head, but would love to have yours :)
    (there might be a few heads of mine dropped in the pvp arena, but I don't have any)
    Can we work something out?
  15. I'll be online all day if you want to meet me at pvp sometime. If you can't get on or whatever I can send you a head now.
  16. Wow congrats! I would to trade. I'll send ma head tommorrow afternoon.
  17. So... I just went to smp6 and it turned out I actually have 5 of my heads there :p Sent one your way.
  18. I do want to trade tomorrow ( I live in the nethrlands centrale eurep time zone ) Will is end my head ( I got two DC of my one )
  19. Congrats Sam :)