686 days of autumn (AMA)

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  1. Meanie! :p heheehe
  2. Although I did answer this question already, I am okay with answering it again.. :) My oldest dragon is a pygmy named AutumnRei that was stolen on Apr. 14th, 2012. I joined EMC about 8 days prior to that on Apr. 6th. I joined Dragon Cave after seeing some of the dragons in signatures here, so ironically, I did not start the Dragon Cave craze here, but simply made a new thread when the old one died..
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  3. What is your favorite steam game? 34 please :)
  4. It would be hard to only pick 1, as I currently own about 356 games on steam (But a couple of those are free to play games), without the f2p games, the total is 335 according to my profile.. And I have 21 games in my favorites list. These games are: Alice: Madness Returns, Cave Story+, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, DuckTales Remastered, Elsword, FF7, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream, Giana Sisters: Rise of the Owlverlords, Killing Floor, The Longest Journey, Magical Diary, MapleStory, Melody's Escape, Saints Row IV, Saints Row the Third, The Secret World, Civ 3, Skullgirls, Star Trek Online, Terraria and Uplink. Of those, 3 are free to play (Elsword, MapleStory, and Star Trek Online) and although Secret World is technically free to play, you have to buy the game to be able to play it..
  5. I will be holding the drawing in approximately 2 hours, so there is still time to enter, for a chance to win my last head with a signed certificate of authenticity and 20k rupees, all you have to do is ask a question to get a number, and asking for numbers do not count.
  6. So what's the story behind your username? I'm going to refer you to the great computer Deep Thought to generate a number for me. :)
  7. My name is Autumn Raynefyr (Its pronounced Rain-nef-fyr) and I was born on 26th of April. So in a way its based off of my name.. ..And I must apologize but Deep Thought has given me a number that has already been taken, and also seems to very popular. So I must throw myself at the ground and miss, while I drink my Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster and ask if you could choose another number.. xD
  8. Ok, I just found a quarter to flip it, then just decided on the quarters worth of 25. That should be just enough improbability. :D
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  9. So, I count 20 entries so I am going to roll a d20 and count down..
    ...and counting down 9, the winning number is: 21. Dfizzle64. Congrats, I shall be on shortly to mail the head, certificate and rupees. And as a consolation price, I shall send everyone who asked me a question a random speedy donkey (Speed>100) from my donkey farm and a diamond.
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  10. And the items have been mailed.. If you did not receive anything let me know as I may have either entered your name wrong or stumbled across some huge bug in the mail system.. o3o
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  11. thanks autumn :)
  12. Do you have a certain memory from each server? What were they?

    28 please ; )
  13. Unfortunately, I did the drawing about an hour ago, because participation was really low and I forgot to edit the main post.. But I can continue answering questions. I have a few memories such as the Huge drop party Aikar did after being promoted.. I don't remember if it was the Senior Staff or Admin promotion but it was a while back.. I also attended one of Deathtomb's drop parties that lasted a couple of hours in a huge room. There was also this one time where the admins were playing around with tnt in utopia and they blew up a house on one of Aikar's residences I think in where a litter of puppies blew up with us.. xD
  14. My apologies, I shoulda read through all the pages xD