686 days of autumn (AMA)

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  1. So.. Hi, I'm Autumn.. I have been here for 686 days, give or take a few months in where I quit playing Minecraft. I am bored (...and have never really done one of these.. like ever..). So you know the drill, ask me something and I will answer to the best of my ability.

    And what the heck, I might as well do a raffle as well.. However, to enter you must ask me a question (and asking for a number doesn't count.. :p ), and after asking the question you can ask for a number, but you can only have 1 number.. I will jump into a head removal machine and the winner will get my head and 20k rupees, and maybe a signed book if I decide not to be lazy.. :p ..There will be 42 spots because, you know, its the answer to the Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.. :cool:

    3. Slip_Stream
    7. SDOliveira
    8. Pab10S
    11. adondrabkin
    13. HylianNinja
    14. 607
    17. Luckypat
    18. Sunny_Chicken
    21. Dfizzle64
    23. Dresden72
    24. Ark_Warrior1
    25. Torian42
    26. Trent948
    27. boozle628
    29. AliceF3
    32. Penfoldex
    34. Importerer
    37. Leopard_Knight
    38. Qwerty189
    42. Princebee

    *Jedi mind trick* #13 is not missing.. :|

    The drawing has ended and number 21 was the winner. The prizes have also already been distributed, if you were one of the 20 entrants listed in the spoiler above and did not receive anything let me know. I will continue answering questions, although I do not see many questions coming now that there isn't a contest. :\
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  2. What did you see when your eyes were opened? 13, please.
  3. In what sense..? When my eyes opened as a child, I likely saw my aunt, as she was the first to hold me or so I was told.. When I became self-aware, I was watching a large floor television. When I learned to read, I saw the worlds set forth in the words. There are many ways that ones eyes can open.. xD
  4. Congrats on 686 days!
    How long have you been playing dragoncave?
    Opinions on EMC?
    32 please :)
  5. According to the scroll statistics on Allure of Neglected Dragon, This is my oldest dragon:

    So I was on EMC about 2 weeks before I started Dragon Cave.. xD ..and I now have 933 dragons. And, honestly, I try not to have strong opinions about EMC, as I tend to get what's called "Open Mouth, Insert Foot" when I voice my opinions.. :\.. Other than that, I actually found EMC while doing the You Are Minecraft event for Mojang. I was trying to find Herobrine, rather funnily, and it would seem the Herobrine led me here.. xD
  6. Congrats on 686!
    Who do you hate the most?
  7. Hate is such a strong word really.. but if I had to hate someone I would have to say that I hate the little gremlin that lives in the dryer and eats only left socks.. o3o
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  8. How did you find EMC?
    26 plz
  9. I was searching for Herobrine and while doing the You Are Minecraft event back in 2012, I stumbled upon this server.. xD
  10. *insert random segue*
  11. Congratulations on 686 days! :D
    Do you watch anime? If so, what is your favourite anime? :p
    Ill take 7, thanks.
  12. One of my roommates recently start subscribing to Crunchy Roll and I ran through them the other day and saw a few that looked very interesting.. But for favorite, its a toss-up between Spice and Wolf and Lovely*Complex.
  13. When did you start playing Minecraft? 18 please.
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  15. I started playing minecraft shortly after beta 1.5 was released in 2011, it was kind of a birthday present from my little brother.. xD ..I even have the first world that I started playing on in my save folder. One of the buildings that I made in it even got uploaded to Planet Minecraft, although I haven't finished it or worked on it in a while.

    Although I thought about joining Last Light, I never did join them unfortunately, although I have known alot of other people who were in it.. :)
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  16. How do you feel about the fact that neither Notch nor Jens saw/replied to your tweet quoting aikar? Congratulations, and 14 please :)
  17. 24
    What was your best moment on EMC?
  18. 17 please, What Do you like most about EMC?
  19. Sometimes I feel upset that my tweets tend to go unheeded but unfortunately, that is the nature of twitter.. Many of my tweets at people go unheeded unless of course I am tweeting at support.

    Honestly, I cannot really think about what would be my best moment on EMC would be apart from reaching 100,000 Rupees, through lots and lots of hard work as a commerce merchant. Or there was also the time when I wasn't subscribing and attending one of Aikar's drop parties after he was made Senior Staff and getting enough vault vouchers to obliterate my vault fees.

    I like the community although sometimes I feel a little ignored with so many people here, whereas some other places that I go to apart from Empire, I log in and everyone knows me (because I own a huge mansion in one of them) even people whom I have never met before.. xD ..But EMC has stuff that is not even available anywhere else, like the vault and the unique mobs and all of the special items and events and stuff.
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  20. What sort of projects other than this have you come up with to relieve your boredom? 8 please.