6 Unreachable Minecarts magically were removed from game

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kevmeup, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. Hello.

    I have a stackable wheat farm at /v kevmeup 2 on utopia res. All 6 hopper minecarts got removed on their own while I was away in frontier. There is no way for anyone to reach them, they are protected by blocks. Infact it's going to be time consuming for me to get in there to replace them.

    I just wanted to report the issue and see if you have any ideas. It ran fine for months before this.
  2. I have been having issues with my hopper minecarts as well. Enclosed but in the frontier and where they are there is a little bit of traffic so I figured someone just got a bit too curious and "fixed them wrong." After it happening a few times though and my being unaware of anyone being in the area for a few days I started suspecting some kind of bug. I have had minecarts jump rails to adjacent rails and some just up and disappear. This has been within the past two or three weeks.
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  3. Just to rule out the obvious (not necessarily for you but for the readers as well): No cacti involved, right? Because if there are then this could be a possible cause for issues (like "you know where'). Anyway, I know that you know that too so yeah ;)
  4. I had to redesign all my rails because cactus was destroying the carts.
  5. I've been having this problem ever since. I assume it's supposed to do that as Staff won't do anything about it...
  6. I think it's the hopper timers not sucking in the cactus fast enough.
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  7. That is a very common problem, yes, which is why I mentioned it. However, Kev is aware of this issue as well. The place I mentioned above (the "you know where" quote) refers to an outpost where we have the same issues.
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  8. There is no cactus on /v kevmeup 2.
    I am also the only one with any perms on res.
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  9. There isn't cactus within at least 600 blocks of my hopper minecarts so I doubt very seriously thats it :p
  10. Maybe the cactus snuck away after griefing your minecarts.
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  11. This happened again today, It was while I was logged in on res. I just came home to check at lunch and every cart is missing. Normally this bug happens on load, this wasn't the case today.
  12. It's likely the same exact bug causing issues with villagers and other entities.

    Is there a wall to the north west?
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  13. The track is surrounded by a wall. I added glass so you can see into rail. /v kevmeup 2

    Would a custom name on the carts help in future trouble shooting?

    This one is strange since there was no reload of the area, which would mean it's not the momentus bug you were talking about. It's also 6 different layers of separately timed carts, so it would be strange that they would all go at once.
  14. Ok, I'm 98% sure I didn't relog after checking for hoppers this morning.
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