4th of July ( EDITED )

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  1. On July 4th lets change our profile pics to the American flag, just want to do it for fun, you aren't required to do it :).
  2. Shall I say hey?
  3. This is definitely a better wording of it :)
  4. #WeAreARepublic

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  5. Democratic-Republic =)
  6. #ILike!

    Kudo's to you ww2fan for not letting things get to you and simply trying it again! And as said, I like. I'm not even an American but who cares; I'm joining in :)
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  7. I thought your profile picture looked familiar.

  8. I could keep going but I have to go celebrate my FREEDOM!! Happy 4th Y'all and GOD BLESS THE USA!!!
  9. I find some of those offensive, but thats just me.
  10. Just let it slide we don't need another fight...
    America oh america, love every bit of ya

  11. I know, I edited the post, I forgot about JackBiggins thing.
  12. Statue of Liberty is a gift from the French.
  13. Yeah but it's a part of America. :p
  14. we kinda claimed it tho :)