300k Members!

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  1. We are getting ever closer to 300k members! What would you like to see for 300k members? A promo or a large giveaway?
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  2. Definitely both! Then I would truly feel the love.
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  3. Neither, There isn't even 10,000 Active members. Just comes to show how many are really inactive.
  4. Maybe the topping member may get a special item? that would be a bit overboard though...
  5. I'd like to see another giveaway similar to the 80k members giveaway, since I couldn't make that one ;)
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  6. But it shows how many have ever been here. 300,000 people is about 15 times bigger than the city i live in. Its worth celebrating the people who still are and have been.
  7. There will be something to celebrate the occasion but we do not know any details yet. Listen out and we'll see what comes our way. I don't personally think that the 300,000th member should receive anything as such as they may just leave straight away or not appreciate the gift. I think that the whole community should celebrate this together and look forward to many milestones to come though! :)
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  8. That wouldn't work well.

    300k Members = Sky's Special Stone Slab as a promotional item would be nice.
  9. Hopefully it's something that everyone can purchase in shop seeing how we all are part of that number. 80k member stuff is cool (from what I hear) but only a few people have any of it.
  10. At the current pace we'll probably hit that number within the next 24-48 hours. :)
  11. Is it really necessary to have a promo? yes, 300k players is a big achievement, but it seems like we get a promo for nearly everything now.. and since there are so many new players, a promo just doesn't have the same worth as it would have 3+ years ago.
    Lol, promos are just novelty items, people like promos for their looks, either putting them in item frames to show them off, or sell them for rupees, or maybe even use them.
    Imo, 300k members isn't that important to have some sort of a promo giveaway or dp. We can start celebrating when we hit 300k active members or 100k forum members.
    What I'm trying to say here is.. a promo isn't necessary for this occasion.
  12. Shhhh
  13. I don't want any silly promos.

    I want Aikar to make a video of him singing the whole of Bohemian Rhapsody, from start to finish, with full vigour throughout.

    Only the best for our 300,000-strong player base.
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  14. I support an array of EMC Staff doing an acapella of the Imperial March. :cool:
  15. Probably a promo thats shiny like a Luckbow2 or something, but a drop party res for this would be great as well :p
  16. I think a promo. Save the giveaway & the promo for a higher number of members. Like 700 or 1,000 members?